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Counter Space: Design and the Modern Kitchen- 09.15.10

frontcomp.jpg Being a food focused kind of day with Tasteologie launch ~ seemed only appropriate to share some fun food related inspiration! And as far as inspiring kitchen design goes, The Museum of Modern Art’s Counter Space: Design and the Modern Kitchen exhibition ~ is incredible! It “examines the kitchen and its continual redesign as a barometer of changing aesthetics, technologies, and ideologies… exploring the twentieth-century transformation of the kitchen and highlights MoMA’s recent acquisition of an unusually complete example of the iconic “Frankfurt Kitchen,” designed in 1926-27 by the architect Grete Schütte-Lihotzky. Featured alongside the Frankfurt Kitchen is a 1968 mobile fold-out unit manufactured by the Italian company Snaidero. These two complete kitchens are complemented by a wide variety of design objects, architectural plans, posters, archival photographs, and selected artworks, all drawn from MoMA’s collection.” They are truly stunning, and the design objects to be found within them can’t be missed! See previews of the exhibition on the next page!



Virgilio Forchiassin (Italian). Spazio Vivo (Living Space) Mobile Kitchen Unit. 1968. Steel and plywood covered with plastic laminate, 36 1/4 x 48 7/8” closed (92 x 124 x 124 cm). Manufactured by Snaidero (Italy).




Helene Haasbauer-Wallrath, Swiss, 1885-1968. Die Praktische Küche (The Practical Kitchen). Poster for an exhibition at the Gewerbemuseum Basel, 1930.


Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky (Austrian, 1897-2000). Frankfurter Küche (Frankfurt Kitchen). 1926-7. As illustrated in Das Neue Frankfurt 5 (1927).


“Schütte-Lihotzky’s compact and ergonomic design, with its integrated approach to storage, appliances, and work surfaces, reflected a commitment to transforming the lives of ordinary people on an ambitious scale.” MoMA




Lilly Reich (German, 1885-1947). Boarding House at Die Wohnung unserer Zeit (The Dwelling of Our Time), Apartment for a Single Person, view of the living room and kitchenette. 1931.


Corning Glass Works, company design (American, established 1851). Frying Pan. c. 1942.


Peter Schlumbohm (American, born Germany. 1896-1962). Chemex Coffee Maker. 1941. Pyrex glass, wood, and leather.


Kenneth Brozen (American, 1927-1989). Serving Bowl. 1963. Acrylic and aluminum,


Philippe Starck. “Ceci N’est Pas une Truelle” Cake Server. 1996. Stainless steel and maple.


Philippe Starck. Mister Meumeu Cheese Grater. 1992. ABS.


Philippe Starck. Hot Bertaa Kettle. 1987. Cast aluminum, silicone resin and polyamide,


Philippe Starck’s Juicy Salif Lemon Squeezer. (1988) and Earl S. Tupper’s Tumblers. 1954. Polyethylene,


Braun AG. Multipurpose Kitchen Machine, blender configuration. 1957.


Dr. Adnan Tarcici. Solnar Tarcici Collapsible Solar Cooker. c.1970. Aluminum.

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Love the braun blender.The design is amazing.

----- Ann Kankaanpaa 29.01.13 06:10

Also see http://www.moma.org/counterspace for more objects and information

----- Bob 16.09.10 11:40

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