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Sanrio x Mimobot = Badtz-Maru + Hangyodon - 09.14.10

sanrio.jpg I never thought sanrio would end up on NOTCOT ~ but when i saw the latest designs in the Sanrio x Mimobot collaborations for Sanrio’s 50th Anniversary, i LOL’d and couldn’t resist. Badtz-Maru make me think of… yea… a long time ago, and he was always my favorite, who can resist a disgruntled black bird?!?! And Hangyodon is just crazy… So check out these final characters in the 6 Sanrio x Mimobot collection on the next page!





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Too bad they weren’t designed the opposite way so that the head looked like it was peeking out from the computer. Love the disgruntled penguin!

----- Marshall Baltzell 15.09.10 08:04

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