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Socorex Pistol Grip Syringes- 09.30.10

syringe1.jpg Don’t laugh. But on unexpected product reviews of sorts ~ while running around The Macallan estate and distillery, one of the most coveted tools we ran into was this Swiss made Socorex Pistol Grip Syringe… for everything from pulling samples when mixing our own whisky to using it to squirt just the perfect 10ml of water to dilute our drinks… and it’s SO fun… and as you can see, i had a bit too much fun taking pics of it in the dark while we were watching the trippiest animated/stop motion Macallan video from the 90’s (watch the insanity of “Journey to the Center of the Malt” here on facebook). But, back to the syringes, they are awesome! The spring pulls back for you to load it up perfectly. It would make for some really fun, precise water wars… but imagine how fun they would be as a conversation piece on your bar when it comes time to dilute your scotch every so perfectly? See the pics on the next page!




Here it is in use when we were pulling samples when mixing our own whiskymaclab7.jpg

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I love whiskey, but I can’t drink it because I’m alergic to it….

It makes me break out…in handcuffs ! (Harlan in Topeka, Ks.)

----- Harlan White 01.10.10 22:47

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