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Dyson City DC-26 Multi floor- 10.29.10

dysoncity0.jpg Dyson DC-26 Multi floor It’s the tiny vacuum… the one you’ve seen the ads for that fits on an A4 piece of paper! All the sucking power of a full sized… in a mini! Well, the rolling part that you drag along the floor anyhow. First impressions? AWESOME! and SO CUTE! It really does feel a bit like the chihuahua of vacuums though ~ especially as i pull it along while vacuuming… it’s just that tiny! And half the time while using it, i found myself just picking it up in one hand, while i was vacuuming and holding the extension/handle with my other! At those moments, i wish it had backpack straps, so i could just vacuum like a Ghostbuster. (Really, it’s that awesome and i’m that tempted to just put some straps on it!) There are also amazing faces that pop out of this vacuum while i was taking pics… doesn’t it look slightly evil up there? Very Marvin the Martian or Clamps from Futurama… On fun details to note ~ it has anti-static carbon fiber brushes! And like the other Dyson vacs, it has fully articulating heads, so you can easily slip it under the bed, desk, etc when cleaning, but it weighs in at a mere 12 pounds. Take a peek on the next page for a full unboxing ~ as well as a comparison of it to the dustbusting handheld DC-31!





See how tiny the body really is? Next to that piece of paper?!?!?! dysoncity5.jpg


So simple and intuitive ~ power button ~ canister release ~ and the plug retractor! I love how quick and easy it is when it just sucks the cord back in after vacuuming… dysoncity7.jpg

You totally see the eyes… and the red eyebrows? dysoncity8.jpg



When you release the canister, the cute trash icon on it becomes visible… dysoncity11.jpg

Tiny! dysoncity12.jpg

Push the trash button to release the bottom to empty it out… dysoncity13.jpg

Vacuum head can slip into the back of the vacuum when being stored… dysoncity14.jpg

A close up look at some of the parts ~ while the main unit IS tiny and paper sized, do keep in mind that there are still hoses and tubes and extra parts that you will need to put away somewhere. And it is a bit larger if you dont plan on taking it fully apart for storage. dysoncity15.jpg

Extending the extender tube! dysoncity16.jpg

No - i wasn’t really vacuuming the grass… dysoncity17.jpg

For you to see all the instructographics… dysoncity18.jpg

Size of the vacuum relative to a flock of penguins… dysoncity19.jpg

And the comparison to the DC-31! So it can hold about twice as much in its canister! dysoncity20.jpg

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Some great pictures here - thanks! I’ve just got a Dyson DC26, and it really was worth every penny. I was looking for some DC26 pictures to send a relative who lives abroad and these are just perfect! Thanks again!

----- dyson dc26 review 21.06.11 11:56

Thanks for the great review with all the photos, very helpful!

Ursonate - I read on another site that its loudness is 75 db, compared to a larger Dyson at 80 db.

----- Ann 09.12.10 09:52

How loud is it?

----- ursonate 29.10.10 13:11

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