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Magnetic Clothing Trend- 10.13.10

magneticclothes.jpg On silly trends that seem to be popping up… have you noticed the Magnetic Clothing trend? Sure, a lot of people switch their jewelry clasps to magnets to make things easier, and its definitely helpful for arthritic hands and such… but magnetic babies clothes are available from Magnificent Baby and magnetic lingerie from french Lingerie Dement… and if you’re ambitious enough, you could even wear, what one could barely call a bathing suit, a swim suit of magnets from Klik Klik Jewelry. Perhaps it’s just me, but i can just imagine being THAT magnetic ~ as if the horror of toilet paper sticking to your shoe isn’t bad enough, what if a fork leaps up from the table and stuck to your cleavage… or sticks to your CHILD? This could get dangerous! Are these rare earth magnets? How strong is this stuff? Then again, if its TOO weak, that could also pose a lot of problems! So i’m curious ~ would you go magnetic? On the upside, maybe the magnetic wallet could be an attachment that just snaps on to your… clothes? Could it be set up so this is even more effective than those magnetic therapy bracelets? Or could it be detrimental? I totally understand the appeal of not dealing with all those buttons on your baby’s clothes ~ and wanting to preserve your gorgeously lacy lingerie while still letting him literally rip them right off of you in no time at all… but would you wear it? And how does it react when you go through airport security! Clearly i have a million and one questions running through my head on this theme tonight ~ i blame Cool Hunting for kicking off this train of thought, and finding the adorable illustrations over at My Little Paris… now go see all the pics on the next page!





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“les ecrins” looks sexy- more than sexy, coming in a boxes like jewerly

----- alex 19.10.12 08:26

Why would magnets be unsafe? If the lock can’t slip and pinch skin then it is a good idea.

----- Phils golf clothing 23.10.10 01:32

That’s a new one on me! I’m not sure of the reason for the baby stuff as I promote Magnetic Therapy for pain and wellbeing. But I do admit there may be a market for lingeri or bahing suits. i think I’d like them even if they weren’t magnetic though:-)
Just think! While wearing your Magnetic Bikini you could reduce pain AND pick up lost watches and coins on the beach :-)

----- Paul 15.10.10 23:37

A sexy evening could be ruined if you got stuck to a radiator or the fridge by your underwear!!! :-) Nice designs, and a great idea.

----- Tom Wykes 14.10.10 06:31

It’s great to see a lingerie ad that isn’t shy about nipples. I live in America where this sort of thing is frowned upon. It won’t be long until there’s a cosmetic surgery trend to have them removed. *sigh*

----- kevin 14.10.10 05:29

OMG, these are really cool…I would try them out in a heartbeat… First to make a baby and then after its born!

----- Nicole 14.10.10 02:20

I am not understanding the baby clothing with magnets. For as long as I have been aware, it’s typically considered “unsafe” to use magnets in baby toys etc. How can this product exist? Has it been safety tested?

----- liz 13.10.10 23:10

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