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Mercedes-Benz Biome 1:1- 11.15.10

biome00.jpg Today Mercedes-Benz unveiled its 1:1 scale model of the Biome concept car ~ their entry into this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show Design Challenge: 1000 pound car designed in their Carlsbad studio. Honestly, it’s one thing to dream up the future on paper/screens, another to make scale models… but to see the life size version today was spectacular! This sleek futuristic model plays with the notion that from the DNA of Mercedes, an organic skeletal structure can literally be grown into a beautiful minimalist bio-futuristic car, with a fierce almost plane like nose, wheels that are reminiscent of plane turbines, and a tron like glow… The interior skeletal structure even allows passengers to comfortably sit as if lounging together, a layout resembling seeds in a pod, with their heads coming together in the center of the car! The last few days has resulted in some incredible design inspiration, forward looking design trends, and so many intriguing details to get lost in… so let’s kick things off with tons of pics of the new life size models of the Biome on the next page! (as well as a peek at the model making and the adorable mini model they gifted us!)























How adorable is this sleek glossy white model they gave us? In a fun embroidered oakley case… biome22.jpg


As for the official info:

Mercedes-Benz Biome

Symbiosis: Light Technologies from Nature

The Biome: The Mercedes-Benz Biome is an ultralight vehicle that utilizes technologies from nature to achieve unparalleled efficiency and seamless integration into the ecosystem.

Mercedes-Benz Symbiosis: Mercedes-Benz Symbiosis is a system in which the vehicle becomes part of the ecosystem like the leaves of a tree. Symbiosis vehicles collect energy from the sun and store it in chemical bonds, in the form of a fluid called BioNectar4534. Mercedes has also developed technology to retrofit trees with receptors which can harvest their excess solar energy into BN4534. This creates an incentive to plant more trees and collect more energy, while also helping the ecosystem. The vehicle can be composted after its lifespan is complete or used as building material.

Partnership With Nature: The Symbiosis vehicle forms a seamless part of the ecosystem through green technologies. Most of the energy used to power the vehicles comes from the sun. It is stored in a lightweight grown material called BioFibre. It is much lighter than metal or synthetic composites, but stronger than steel when mature. It is grown in the Mercedes-Benz Nursery through proprietary DNA. The customer’s specific desires are genetically engineered into the Star and the vehicle grows when this combines with the Seed capsule.

Mercedes-Benz Nursery: All Mercedes-Benz Symbiosis vehicles are grown in an ecologically sustainable nursery, using primarily organic materials.

Growth from Two Seeds: The interior of the Biome grows from Mercedes-Benz DNA in the front star, when it fuses with the seed. The exterior grows from the rear star, creating the shape. The wheels are grown separately from four unique seeds.

Technologies from Nature: Mercedes Benz Symbiosis vehicles release pure oxygen into the environment, helping urban areas to meet air quality standards.

Designers: Hubert Lee, Christopher Rhoades, Nicolas Garfias, Alan Barrington, Daniel Kim, Benjamin Messmer, Jack Luttig

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18 Notes

Its really a ‘Loving Environment’ Car….Awesome! i like it! Mercedes Benz. Well Done!!!

----- Stephanie Lee 08.06.11 21:00

the biome is amazing! I LOVE THE DESIGN!!!! but how will it roll because i cant see the wheels on it and the idea about the environment is great! i love it and also how many people will be able to fit inside this car?

----- Jose 16.04.11 10:53

Love the design, but I have to ask, “how will it roll?” I do not see a possibility of rolling wheels or steering.

----- mr_mahoney 03.12.10 06:16

WOW…….. Simply AMAZING!!!! I have always undervalued Mercedes, not anymore!

----- Dan "the man" Morales 01.12.10 11:03

i want one

----- Orox 30.11.10 14:21

TRON!!! I love this TRON car!!!

----- THE PR0F3550R 30.11.10 10:23

I Really Love this Cool and Super Concept can’t wait to see it on Roads :)

----- Habibies 30.11.10 05:50

can you give me a photo about the top of the biome

----- Michael 30.11.10 04:49

wow this biome is truly somthin outta this world hehe guess they got the design from i-robot what more surprised me was that the design is a lot similar to the design i thought i would make for cars when i was small fearful-_-

----- tam 30.11.10 03:34

the BIOME concept is so green and looks out-of-this-world.even mother nature would appreciate it.

----- allan cuenca balita 29.11.10 21:31

Grown from seeds?

So what happens when there is a birth defect?

----- John S 29.11.10 19:23

So, here’s the thing: I’m not a car person. The Mercedes Benz Biome, though, well… it completely redefines the word “car.” And this article did something way cooler than turn me on to Mercedes; it made me feel better about the world. My only fear is that biologically-friendly designs like the Biome aren’t going to make a difference soon enough.

----- Radiance Charese 29.11.10 17:57

I think that this car is Awsome!!!!

when does this car come out ?

----- Dustin 29.11.10 17:32

i love your cars

----- pernell bernard davis 29.11.10 17:25

I absolutely love this concept and design. Not only would this produce a pollutant free, safe, sturdy, and environmentally beneficial car, but think of all the other possibilities. If Mercedes is able to master this technology (and i pray they do) it could be used in just about every aspect of human life. Imagine the fuel and safety benefits of aircraft grown this way, or possibly a building or house grown this way that could be powered by the sun and tree adapters mentioned in the article. Or even on a smaller scale, if the technology is mastered to the point where it could cheaply produce small items then consumer plastics could theoretically be phased out, not only alleviating a dangerous pollution and waste issue, but also helpeing abate some of the worlds reliance on oil.

----- MIke 29.11.10 17:20

Wow! What a nice design =)
I am soo envy about the model Mercedes gave you!

----- Matheus Weber 21.11.10 16:34

I was just wondering if anyone who were not there can get one of those models…?!

----- David Sztarinka 20.11.10 13:17

The Biome took my breath away when I saw the design. But I never imagined that it would so stunning in the 1:1 version. You’d expect only Mercedes to manufacture, erm ‘grow’ such futuristic machines. And now they’ve also come up with a driving simulator that will ensure that they can test the way a driver is affected without getting a driver to physically operate a vehicle! Not quite clear? Well you could take a peep at it at http://clients.ccm-news.com/?client=Mercedes-Benz. Trust me, it’s worth a look!

----- Andy Dcruz 18.11.10 06:12

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