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Richard Wilkinson’s Process Gifs- 11.24.10

double2process2-600.gif Mesmerizing isn’t it? The most amazing things come through from the CIA - just discovered this in my email from their newsletter! The beauty and simplicity of these gifs are sucking me in tonight. So so beautiful, and Richard Wilkinson basically captures his work flow in photoshop - saving them into high res animated gifs you can view on his blog! It’s as if you’re watching the image paint itself… yes, it’s nearly 3am, and you’ll see why i’ve gone quiet the last few days as i’ve been obsessively working on the giveaways and gift guides launching this week… but for now… aren’t these incredible? These beautiful illustrations were for a 5 page spread for The Telegraph Magazine’s ‘Luxury’ supplement. See a few more of my favorites and a peek at the spread on the next page…



Amazing, right? You seriously must watch them in high res over at Richard Wilkinson’s blog!

Here’s a peek at the final spread! birdspread.jpg

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Oh. my god. the GIF is god music.

----- baby.zhangzhou 15.12.10 18:03

Incroyablement beau! Merci

----- jul 13.12.10 09:59

What a fantastic work! Congratulations!

----- Yumi 13.12.10 02:23

Makes me sad they’re just used to hawk jewelry in the end.

----- Molly 26.11.10 11:18

It´s amazing, so beautiful!

----- Helen [ROOM AND SERVE] 25.11.10 02:53

I’d like to say this work is just amazing. Congratulations!

----- Rogerio Varela 24.11.10 16:23

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