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Sponsored: American Express Currency℠- 11.23.10

currency.jpg This is a sponsored post from our friends at Currency℠ a service from American Express! A new site focused on helping you make smart decisions when it comes to money ~ and NOTCOT even has a column there showcasing some of our favorite products that are worth every penny!Click Here

Finances as a Work of Art? Sort of… Thanks to Unique American Express Site

Navigating your finances these days can be like trying to understand a piece of contemporary art. Although it’s hard to make sense of it at first, it’s really not all that complex once you break it down. The Currency℠ site from American Express helps do just that with resources dedicated to helping young adults simplify their money matters, plan for the future, and take control of their financial lives.

To get a good sense of all the site has to offer, start with the Currency 101 blog that provides an overview of the site’s offerings. The “Spending” section is all about making your money work for you. “Planning & Savings” helps prepare you for your future—managing your finances a year from now, or starting to put money away for retirement. “Big Decisions” helps prepare you financially for life’s milestones. Surf around and score financial strategies on all parts of your life: saving up to get a pet, cheap ideas for going out, how to negotiate your lease, how to handle student loan payments.

Beyond reading the Currency℠ site’s articles and blog posts, users can take advantage of some cool interactive content as well. There’s Currency Coursework, which brings the classroom to you, educating users about personal finance topics with guidance from Knowledge@Wharton at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. Log in and learn—and there won’t be any midterms.

And for iPhone users, the Social Currency app, powered by Foursquare, lets you check in and share your purchasing experiences and deals with your friends, while racking up points and earning badges.

Head to GetCurrency.com, and get socially and sensibly savvy with your money.


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