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Tegu LIVE! - 11.10.10

tegulive0.jpg The Tegu guy made me a castle! With a draw bridge! Out of magnetic wood blocks! LIVE! That was my silly excitement this morning as they let me put in the first request as Tegu LIVE! went… well, live. These playful magnetic wood building blocks made from sustainable tropical hardwoods in Honduras are inspired by the gorgeous european wood toys… with a magnetic twist. While kids of all ages can make anything they can dream up, to help inspire everyone, Tegu and Poke NY have teamed up to build a non stop live stream of a mysterious man in a tegu lab coat of sorts who will take your requests via Twitter, Facebook, and livestream for things to build. And poof just like that, he builds them for you! And then sadly deconstructs them as quickly as they came to be. Though, i’m told not to worry, since all designs will be archived for future viewing! If you’re curious what they are capable of, go make your request at Tegu LIVE!. They sent me a few cases to play with, and their packaging is awesomely fun as well… so take a peek on the next page for the products, packaging, AND my castle in action!


Look! He’s going to build me a castle! tegulive2.jpg

Castle in progress… tegulive3.jpg

Draw bridge open… tegulive4.jpg

Draw bridge close… tegulive5a.jpg

And just like that he rips it down in front of you! The pain! tegulive6.jpg

At home i built a crazier castle of sorts… tegulive7.jpg

Even has a solid foundation in case of floods… later on i built a foot bridge as well, but forgot to take a pic of that… tegulive8.jpg

I have a tendency to need to open all boxes that arrive… and couldn’t resist making a huge pile. tegulive9.jpg

Then obsessively organizing it… tegulive10.jpg

Reverse unboxing begin! tegulive11.jpg






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