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Holiday Giveaway #8: Triple Aught Design- 12.03.10

tadmain.jpg It’s holiday season here at NOTCOT, and we’re doing our annual Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Just our little way of giving a big hug to awesome brands and readers as we close out 2010!

UPDATE: Congrats to Roel in Portland, OR and Sharon in Kirkland, Quebec!

NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #8 is here ~ and today our friends from Triple Aught Design are giving 2 lucky readers: the set of an Artemis Hoodie (ladies), a Fast Pack Lite Speed Backpack and a Special Service Sweater (men)!

You probably remember Triple Aught Design as TAD Gear from the super awesome Patrick Ma of Rocketworld - with the bad ass Insurgent Wilderness Gruppo creatures in vinyl and more! They have taken on this incredible understated hyperfunctional chic style that is worn by everyone from special ops teams to… well, designers like us? The quality of materials and attention to detail in the design and build of their products is absolutely incredible! So, i’m really excited to be sharing these brand new products with you! The Fast Pack Lite Speed Backpack JUST launched today! Check out all the details and close ups on the next page!

For a chance to win, leave a comment by midnight on Dec 7th (PST) ~ sharing your awesomest 2010 adventure!


tad2.jpg Fast Pack Lite Speed Backpack Details: The FAST Pack Litespeed is a lightweight, nimble and versatile day pack that keeps essential gear handy for urban EDC, day hike, or travel use.

Exterior PALS webbing provides endless modular customization possibilities with MOLLE-compatible pouches, making the FAST Pack Litespeed a top choice for those who need to organize their gear in a streamlined format that allows them to move fast.

The FAST Pack Litespeed is based on the highly rugged design of the FAST Pack EDC, the legendary larger volume pack preferred by special operations forces and wilderness explorers alike


tad4.jpg Special Service Sweater: We adopted the traditionally slim fit to maintain a sleek profile that’s ideal for layering, but integrated a full front zipper with mockneck collar so that this sweater also functions as a stylishly warm outer piece. Knit from heavy, premium grade Australian Merino, our sweater’s textile is finer, softer, more insulating, and more breathable than traditional wool. The fibers themselves are flame resistant and retain minimal odor.

tad5.jpg Artemis Hoodie: Made with premium grade Australian Merino wool, this textile is finer, softer, more insulating and more breathable than traditional wool. Our urban styled zip-up easily transitions to outdoor use, regulating temperature and retaining low odor during high levels of activity. Integrated thumb holes help keep your hands warm while in motion when using pockets is impractical. Body-contoured fit to flatter curves.

For a chance to win an Artemis Hoodie (ladies), a Fast Pack Lite Speed Backpack and a Special Service Sweater (men’s) from Triple Aught Design, leave a comment by midnight on Dec 7th (PST) ~ sharing your awesomest 2010 adventure!

And check out the rest of our 2010 Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Happy Holidays!

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426 Notes

I had a very adventurous trip to Grand Teton this fall. Complete with three moose!

----- val 08.12.10 00:00

Biggest adventure in 2010 - changing careers

----- Nick 07.12.10 22:23

A ski trip will be planned if won.

----- Jared 07.12.10 21:20

Graduating and starting “real life”… still looking for the elusive job in this concrete jungle!

----- Lisa 07.12.10 20:28

In 2010, we finally went to abroad - London, Paris, Amsterdam. We had a great time and it’s added to my world view. My son would have loved to travel with these bags.

----- Adrianne 07.12.10 20:15

I quit my day job and went into business for myself. I now own a small product design company and everyday since I left the security of a steady paycheck is very much an awesome adventure!

----- Michele 07.12.10 19:04

Crazy Awesome!

----- Jonathan Kent 07.12.10 17:27

Imagine a warm summer day in the Canadian Alpine, a lonely foot-tramp, leather soled traveler with little more than a backpack, some imagination, a fly rod, and the beautiful hike-in lakes of the Southern Rocky Mountains. Imagine cool crisp lakes, garnished with water lilies and livened by the sounds of birds chirping harmoniously in sounds that were reminiscent of angels singing. Imagine me, as wild and free as a sub-prime mortgage lender, circa 1992, hair blowing in the breeze as I careened carelessly down a cliff face with rocks as sharp as ceremonial Egyptian daggers. Imagine my body, ever so happily ricocheting off of wrist thick underbrush and razor-like bushes to the base of a carefully sculpted goat trail where I lay motionless enjoying the smell of what I can only imagine was moss soaked in the final lingering smell of a furry woodland creatures bladder movement. So began my greatest adventure of two-thousand-and-ten.

How I cherish those golden moments spent savoring the great outdoors… It was a trip I had taken to get in touch with nature, to draw inspiration for what may one day become the Great Canadian Novel, to find natural cues for the design process of sustainable housing, to find a cure for the common bore. I thought of every success it would eventually aid me in as I lay in the operating room of that beautiful and inspiring Vancouver Hospital, awaiting the newly implanted piece of titanium into the cavity the surgeons had so graciously and lovingly tore into my leg. “What would Frank Lloyd Wright do?” I thought to myself as my drawing hand was so tenderly put into a cast. “What would Danny DeVito Say?” I continued to postulate, as the anesthesia began to work its soulful charms. “Will I set off metal detectors in airport security now, prompting a full body scan?” I pondered, as I slipped off into a hazy silk lined dream of hospital bed proportion. “I really like sushi” I recalled as I began riding a unicorn over a lightly frosted field of graham cookie crumbs.

But I digress, all things as they are and would never have become without that faithfully motivating day, I am a better person. I also have a shiny new knee. I am, however, quite chilly… would you consider perhaps sending me a jacket to keep warm? It’s awfully cold down in those valleys at night, and since I may go back next year and try again, I’d hate to catch a cold! Imagine how awful that might be!

----- Lyle Danger Prescott 07.12.10 16:46

my most awesomest adventure was of 210 was when we had to hike for an hour to get to a fishing spot. the weather was nice and sunny when we got there , but as the day went on the clouds came in, it started raining and it got miserable. we stayed in a little make shift tent all night freezing. at around 4am the rain had stopped s we changed our bait and settle back in. not 10 min later one pole went off, as we were fighting that fish a second and third went off. by the end of it all we brought up 4 ulua(giant trevally) ranging from 35lbs to 87lbs. after being exhausted fighting those fish we still had an hour hike back out with the fish on our backs.

----- ian 07.12.10 15:43

I visits kazakhstan in hopes to find a gyspie to give me gypsie tears to protect me from aids. but i could not get this…

----- kevin weber 07.12.10 15:02

My awesomest adventure in 2010 was - after almost 20 years - getting out of my regular company job and following my artistic inspirations. Less money, no money, but so much inner satisfaction. Oh, this and and swimming with a Spotted Eagle Ray fish…. The hodie, sweater and backpack would perfectly fit this new lifestyle.

----- Piergiorgio 07.12.10 14:22

I got to go surfing in Puerto Rico.

----- Parker Castano 07.12.10 14:13

I went to Hawaii on a 2 week vacation with my in-laws…

----- Tyler Platts 07.12.10 14:12

I cannot remember my most awesome adventure this year because it involved Four Loko, but from what I was told, it was awesome.

----- Shane Walsh 07.12.10 14:11

I was planning a trip to Brasil, but ended up moving twice and buying a house.

----- Brittany Platts 07.12.10 14:11

My greatest adventure is rescuing dogs from a life on the street and helping them adjust to life in a shelter until they find their forever home. I volunteer at a local no kill shelter and every week is an adventure working with the dogs, both new and long term residents, seeing them come in frightened and insecure and then after a few days of warmth, good food, and lots of love seeing them come out of their shells, wag their tails, and play with toys.

----- Deb 07.12.10 14:10

Putting my previous training to use while learning to be unemployed in the worst economy I’ve seen in my 4+ decades. Trying to find a job in my field and in my geographical region has made me realize that my previous adventures were all a prelude for this current “adventure.”

----- PaulD. 07.12.10 14:02

Hiking in the Adirondack Mountains and seeing the clearest night sky ever.

----- Taylor 07.12.10 13:17

My 2010 adventure was hiking in the Adirondack mountains and seeing the clearest night sky I have ever seen in my life. Like glass with milky way galaxy clouds. It was amazing.

----- Taylor 07.12.10 13:16

Climbing to the summit of Mt. Rainier!

----- ken 07.12.10 13:11

My great adventure was India! My first trip ever over the ocean and all I had was my passport and a light backpack of clothes, it was 16 full days of adventure, culture and people! Landing in Delhi, then a flight to Varanasi to see the Ganges, an overnight train to Agra and the Taj Mahal, then a bus to Jaipur for the beauty of nature, a flight to the city of Mumbai, another flight to the amazing beaches in Goa and one last flight back home to Canada. I don’t mind sounding cliche, as it WAS a life changing trip!

----- Mr. Wright 07.12.10 13:10

My most awesomest adventure of 2010 has been teaching and working in rural Pakistan and rural Thailand from January to September. In Pakistan I taught second grade in the mountains, and in Thailand I worked with an amazing bunch of female activists along the Burma border. Each place brought with it many laughs, a few cries, heaps of food, my much in demand wedding dancing skills. Though both areas were “conflict zones” over this past year, I never stopped meeting inspiring, encouraging people who welcomed me into their homes and communities. The ability to laugh at yourself, eat more food than you think possible, and a willingness to explore make adventures like this a reality.

----- Sarah 07.12.10 12:17

I went on a two week surf trip to Costa Rica, quite an adventure!

----- Thomas 07.12.10 11:55

I went to Rocky Point, Mexico with my sister for her Birthday and had a great time at the beach with her and some friends!!

----- Jaime Figueroa 07.12.10 11:43

The possibilities are endless!

----- Alexander Yust 07.12.10 11:39

My awesomest 2010 adventure was going to Vegas with my friends. We were lucky to get out alive.

----- Courtney 07.12.10 11:36

This year has been the best and worst of my life. One big adventure exploring myself…

----- Rik Schot 07.12.10 11:31

secret singletrack in darkest wales…. mmmmm

----- Martin 07.12.10 11:23

With the idea of vacationing to Utah in March and coming from Hawaii, this would be an ideal to win this to prepare for that winter chill. As of 2010’s Awesomeness Adventure… hmmmm. Going to the Big Island, Hawaii and participating in the Umauma Falls Ziplining Tour… zipped over 2000 feet of river water and many water falls.

----- Maya 07.12.10 11:23

love love love!

----- Lauren 07.12.10 11:20

My most awesome adventure was planning and having a wedding; immediately afterwards it was off on another adventure - that of married life.

----- James 07.12.10 11:18

Gosh those sweaters are gorgeous. So simple but sexy.

----- Amelia 07.12.10 11:17

My best adventure was a two week quick trip across the middle of Europe. Started in London, where I went to a festival in Leicester to see the Local Natives play. From there, I went to Amsterdam, Ghent, Belgium, Munich, and finally, Paris, France. All around, an excellent, if not too short, adventure.

----- Matt 07.12.10 10:49

This year I had spent three months in Thailand. I had motorbiked all over northern Thailand. Starting in Bangkok. In three months I had seen all of Pai,Chiang Rai,and Chiang Mai. I think I had rode over 3000 km in all of that time. I had some falls,slips,and even no road terrains. But I overcame that challenge and took something with me, which is priceless. Knowledge,love,and experience.

----- Bogdan 07.12.10 09:48

My awesome adventure this year was keeping up with an American Iditarod musher on the trail for three days this past March. It’s unbelievable what these athletes and their teams go through! It’s without a doubt the most amazing photography assignment I’ve ever had.

----- Jason 07.12.10 09:12

I traveled to Tokyo, Japan, and survived navigating the subway system and a train to Kyoto!

----- somerset 07.12.10 08:48

MY 2010 adventure: Taking my life and career into my own hands. Leaving behind a stable job to work more for myself.

----- Jamie 07.12.10 08:38

I trained and ran both my first half marathon in June and my first marathon in october!

----- Hookdntx 07.12.10 08:13

This September my partner and I took a trip to New Hampshire for our 17th anniversary. We went hiking up a couple of mountains which where pretty hard core for Miami natives. I have to say we are hooked and we are planning on going back this winter. It was AWESOME in the fall with all the foliage but can’t wait to go back for the snow!!!!

----- Big Sergio 07.12.10 07:57

2010 saw the first rock scrambling (climbing) for my 2 year old in Colorado. He is hooked along with the rest of the family to Colorado vacations!

----- Garvin 07.12.10 07:52

Left my job and started a new career.

----- Anthony 07.12.10 07:48

Bagging my first munro (hill exceeding 3,000 feet high), Ben Chonzie. Took us over 5 hours to complete the 10 mile hike: 3 miles to the base, 2 mile ascent and then back. Naturally, it started raining part-way through, but still a great experience.

Hope I win the women’s hoodie!

----- Lisi 07.12.10 05:48

Graduating and moving across the country.

----- Jason 07.12.10 00:09

Awesome. I like this word, really apt. My top of the list adventure for this year happened with me having no gear and no plans at all.
It was a Friday afternoon and I found myself on a bus, on a 10 hour trip to my old hometown. And I have not been there for more than six years. It was the strangest feeling of both strangeness and familiarity coming together when I stepped off the bus. There was that tingling feeling as I walked around my hometown wondering if I’ll meet anybody I knew, it lasted until I bought the ticket back to the city.

----- David 06.12.10 23:07

My awesome adventure was my final rugby season for my college. Traveling with my mates in packed vans and sleeping eight to a hotel room while playing colleges across the country. 2011 will be great even without another season to look forward too as I will be traveling abroad with some of my recently graduate teammates.

----- Cory 06.12.10 22:00

Took a speedboat of the coast of Colombia to stay on a deserted tropical island. My girlfriend and I were the only two people on the island for 3 days. It was amazing. Those backpacks would have made my life a lot easier ;)

----- Shawn 06.12.10 21:50

Earlier this summer my brother and I decided to visit our father who we haven’t seen in a few years. He lives almost 1000 miles away and we decided to challenge ourselves by biking the whole way. The trip proved to be the most challenging and gruesome adventure I have ever endured. The journey there took 6 days and we were exhausted after the first hundred miles. Also, the heat was unbearable. In the end, the trip was a rewarding experience and I would do it over to have the chance to journey with my brother.

----- Steve 06.12.10 20:21

I finally made time for some r&r from the navy and climbed mt. fuji. I thought I lagged at the base talking to some locals and got split up from my group. I ended up hauling a$$ up the mountain, trying to catch up with them. Turns out they lagged in a shop as well, so i got to spend a couple hours on the summit taking in the view! I was ahead of them the whole time! I kept hiking faster and faster thinking I had to itercept them sooner or later! I ened up hiking it in record time!
p.s. I was in Patricks first stealth shell jacket from Triple Aught Design! He’s still making some of the best gear the world over! -lemke U.S.N.

----- justin 06.12.10 19:35

My partner and I are graphic designers based out of San Francisco. We’re heading to London for xmas, and if anyone has been keeping up with the news,
you’ll realize it’s very very cold over there right now.

We would gladly accept the sweaters, as both he and I have discovered that 4 layers of clothes aren’t going to be enough to keep us warm. At the risk of having two of your fellow designers found frozen in the depths of London, please have sympathy and send those sweaters our way.

Much thanks :)

----- Keira Vee 06.12.10 19:32

Halloween Skydiving!

----- Paul Clements 06.12.10 18:47

A crazy two week road trip that went from Chicago, Montreal, NYC, and lots of places in between. We barely spent more than one night in a city. (We also drove through an “inland hurricane” according to the Weather Channel)

----- Stephanie 06.12.10 18:16

riding from sydney to melbourne on a fixed gear track bike.

----- Droz 06.12.10 17:56

Our adventure has yet to begin in Chile for xmas 2010! Am I crazy for wanting to take the copper mine tour and dress up in those fabulous orange jumpsuits?

----- Arielle 06.12.10 17:47

I shelled fresh peanuts in rural Swaziland. In the same trip, I made a rhinoceros mad but got out alive.

----- Kay 06.12.10 17:36


----- Johnny 06.12.10 17:29

Getting lost at Parc régional du Poisson Blanc in Quebec, finding an empty beach and chilling out on a driftwood bench.

----- Ruth 06.12.10 16:02

We bought our plane tickets to go to the Sasquatch Festival in WA, but not our fest tickets, bc we had a chance to get them for free. Then the fest sold out, then we weren’t able to get them for free. And we already had our plane tickets. So we decided to try to win tickets by entering a contest, for which we had to build this rube goldberg machine - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmqto1Up_4k - and we won! It was so crazy. And the most awesome adventure in WA followed :) (If only I’d had a warmer jacket for Seattle, hint hint…)

----- JLeighRAWR 06.12.10 15:22

I spent my summer in Shanghai, China! Amazing place. Can’t say enough about the food, the sights, the smells (good and bad), and the wonderful experience i had in 中国! Awesomest. And by god, thats a cool backpack. Haha.

----- Patrick C. 06.12.10 15:11

So cute!

----- Karyn B. 06.12.10 15:05

My first trip in Scandinavia!
It was completely magical…seeing Copenhagen under a light snow and eating an insane amount of Pebernodder, a sort of small peppernut cookie really popular around Christmas.

----- Kate Lecours 06.12.10 14:14

Had lotsa adventures (ahh, to be young…) but a bit of backcountry snowboarding always takes the cake. Skydiving wasn’t bad, either….now how to combine the two….

----- Brian 06.12.10 14:01

Plan is to go to Spain this coming year and get lost for a couple days. This’ll be my first time traveling abroad.

----- Efren 06.12.10 14:01

I haven’t had mine yet but 3 months on the road helping flood survivors is right up there.

----- RobTsou 06.12.10 13:28

A twelve-hour, six-thousand-foot descent from where I lived in Tanzania to Lake Malawi. Just me and a friend and the fervent hope that neither of us would sprain an ankle.

----- Marie 06.12.10 13:22

My awesome adventure was jumping onto an airplane and flying to France for absolutely no idea what I was going to do. Summer was ending so I just decided I would just do something bold… It was a little bit of a dare devil kind of thing but it was worth it. Planning to stay at hotels but luckily found really good friends in Lyon and stayed with them. We’ve been on adventures together ever since! Explored as much as I could in France but I really wished I didn’t have a luggage… a travel backpack would of been more ideal but I managed. Throughout my whole adventure in France I kept saying “This is just preparation for The Amazing Race!”

----- Khoa Phan 06.12.10 12:53

My awesome adventure took place in Gibsons BC, where my wife and I went to try out our new camping gear for the 1st time. It was an amazing weekend of adventure, we hiked to the Skookumchuck, outside of Gibsons and watched Kayakers surf the rapids. We had a torrential downpour, which had us hiding in our tent for a bunch of our trip (not always a bad thing). We survived rain and enjoyed visiting the many wonderful sites of the Gibsons area.

----- Mark Schootman 06.12.10 12:46

My new husband and I trekked it out on our honeymoon to the southernmost point of the USA, in HI, to visit the Green Sand Beach on the Big Island. The wind is so strong, the trees grow sideways and a wind farm resides there. We spent 2 hours walking against Gail Force winds at our faces and being sandblasted, literally! No other adventurers were in sight until we finally came upon the actual beach which was alas, down a very long, steep hill. Tired as we were, we climbed our way down to the most magnificent beach in the world, complete with Wizard of Oz Emerald City green sand. It was worth every step, including the ones back!

----- Sharon 06.12.10 12:35

My 2010 adventure has been being a positive male role model to my fifteen year old little brother. Being down for the summer I had him exercising with me and showing the benefits of eating healthier than he had been. His first year of high school has been a rough start but I’ve been fighting tooth and nail to keep him on the right track. Being a decade older than him I know that I have the knowledge and experience to try and help him not make the same mistakes that I’ve made. Making him better than me, in my opinion, is one of the most beneficial things an older brother can do amd is proving to be my most challenging and rewarding adventure to date.

----- Roman 06.12.10 12:19

My most awesome 2010 adventure involved meeting my BFF’s adopted family and spending a week together in the Nevada desert. There were many more smiles, laughs and stories than hours slept. More of a personal exploration than a wild one, but it did get challenging—and it was profoundly rewarding.

----- LdeM 06.12.10 11:57

My wife took many awesome trips this year but I think our to San Juan was the best. We went just to see it and stayed in Old San Juan for five days loving the sights, people and culture.

----- Charlie 06.12.10 11:34

My boyfriend surprised me with a 10 day vacation to Paris for my birthday… We made a color-coded planned out google map indicating everywhere we want to go each day and we did it! (although we were extremely exhausted every day)

----- Drew 06.12.10 11:31

My awesomest adventure of 2010 happened to be at Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro. The sights sounds and smells just sweep you off your feet into another world. There are so many beautiful women and colors that it is just mesmerizing. It was something that I’ve always wanted to ba a part of and now I’ve had the chance, one word AWESOMEST :)

----- Stephanie 06.12.10 11:01

My awesomest adventure of 2010 was our summer trip to coastal Georgia. My wife, two youngs sons (6 & 8) and I used St. Mary’s, GA as a launch pad to visit the national and state parks of coastal Georgia. We hiked, swam, and toured historic sites everyday. This year we hit coastal FL- the Litespeed would be quite an asset. Many thanks to TAD and NOTCOT for the opportunity! Be well, W

----- Wayne 06.12.10 10:36

My awesomest adventure of 2010 was releasing 328 helium balloons and 124 bouncy balls off the edge of the Grand Canyon. I lie. I didn’t have an awesome adventure because I was too busy saving for an adventure in South America I hope to have in 2014. That awesome backpack would make that 2013 :P

----- Moksha 06.12.10 09:53

Hiking Algonquin, the second highest peak in NY with my lady. (who’s pack weighed less than half of mine, ha ha ha)…..oh, and we took the south trail!

----- Jon Rees 06.12.10 09:14

Urbandale, Iowa. 3 times. In the snow. And the wind. With a roller bag that the airline dropped in a puddle.

A backpack and an sweater would fix all those problems.

----- Matt Price 06.12.10 08:59

My greatest adventure of 2010. Kids at the coast. Not dangerous (most of the time) but memorable.

----- Ryan 06.12.10 08:48

Blew some frequent flier miles to get from the East Coast out to Park City, crashed on a friends couch for a week, skied every day on begged/borrowed season passes, was led to cliffs and chutes by locals far, far more capable of “sending it” than I was. Only had to hike out once. Great trip.

----- Alex 06.12.10 08:33

Ziplining through the canopy surrounding a tequila distillery in Mazatlan, Sin, Mx

----- Adam 06.12.10 08:32

Love these packs, they would make great ski packs.

----- D'Arcy O'Neill 06.12.10 08:27

I went to Morocco and took a guided tour through the Medina, which culminated in being led into a random man’s basement and doing shots of mint-whiskey tea while he tried to sell us rugs and blankets made from cactus fibers.

----- Tim 06.12.10 08:26

Last spring - Driving a rattling old CItroen through the Pyrenees from Biarritz to Aragon, where a sweet sweet lady and I put on Neoprene and helmets for a canyoning adventure through the Parque Natural Sierra y Cañones de Guara. Her friend guided us, and the poppies were in bloom.

----- JCRC 06.12.10 08:25

My awesomemest adventure of 2010 was leaving NYC after 6 years to move in with the woman i love! halfway across the country on a roadtrip with my dad, back to the loving embrace of the midwest!

----- gray 06.12.10 08:10

Awesomest adventure this year was a whirlwind week chasing round Barcelona Monaco, Pisa, Rome Napoli & Palma. Ok it was a cruise but it was with the kids and the first time we had been on a proper holiday with the little one since they were born, and that was the awesomest adventure!

----- Sean 06.12.10 08:09

My 2010 adventure was our first cross-country road trip, taking my two little girls to meet their great-grandmother for the first time!

Thanks for the great giveaways, and a consistantly great site!

----- Geoff 06.12.10 08:08

Would have loooved to have the sweater and backpack this fall while hiking Acadia NP! Best part was climbing Cadillac Mountain, but it was definitely chilly and that sweater looks super warm.

----- Ryan 06.12.10 08:04

that backpack looks pretty cool!

----- Ross 06.12.10 07:42

My adventure this year was attending my husband’s family reunion. I have under 10 living blood relatives. He has 11 aunts and uncles on his mother’s side. So there were many many people there that I did not know, and some his mother even didn’t know. Way more people than I expected, but awesomely warm and welcoming.

----- Lisbeth 06.12.10 07:32

My awesome adventure was hiking through the backwoods of Mendocino in California. No luck deer hunting, but I stumbled upon a cemetary from about 1893, in the middle of nowhere. It was cold and rainy (could have easily said “miserable”), but I had a blast!

----- Dan Feep 06.12.10 07:20

I’d a pretty awsome adventure when i missed the last ski lift back to the other side of the mountain where my cabin was. I had to snowboard around the mountain instead.

----- David. b 06.12.10 07:17

My most awesomest adventure happened to me last summer, all of August, where I spent a month at a place where I call home. Nothing other than Camp Elphinstone! I had done many things like, get my White Sail Level 3, Bronze Medallion/Cross Certificates, and I’ve been on a five day out trip to Powell Lakes, it was magnificent!

----- Edward 06.12.10 07:14

LIFE! There are so many comments about going or being somewhere exotic. That is wonderful but it’s the everyday that is the greatest adventure. Family, work doing what you are passionate about. Making a difference in someone else’s life and creating a legacy for your children. Life is the greatest adventure any day and everyday. Love the gear!

----- Jason Van Tassel 06.12.10 07:05

My awesomest adventure of 2010 was surfing in lanzarote for the 2nd year and finally being able to enjoy it without face planting into the waves everytime! Granted i don’t need this gear for surfing but i am planning an even more awesome USA trip in 2011 and need to look GOOOOOOD!!

----- Christian Routley 06.12.10 05:26

My biggest adventure in 2010 was driving back and forth across Costa Rica exploring the country’s beautiful jungles, beaches, and volcanoes!

----- Jacob Wells 06.12.10 05:24

Kayaking with the Harbor Seals.

----- Paul 06.12.10 05:15

Climbing Volcano Villarica in Chile! Awesome!

----- Camila F. 06.12.10 03:15

Meeting my girlfriend in the Camino de Santiago.

----- Raphael 06.12.10 02:26

I’m going to continue to leave comments until i win!

----- Stephen 06.12.10 01:42

This is one great looking bag. The aesthetics looks like an army pack! Notcot, I LOVE YOU GUYS! RSS feed on my iphone!

----- Calvin 06.12.10 00:20

going back to school

----- james 05.12.10 22:49

Supporting and witnessing the birth of my daughter. Forever shifted.

----- Matthew Ready 05.12.10 22:46

Wow! This giveaway looks AMAZING!!!! This year I was fortunate enough to go to a few really awesome places. I did an all-girls backpacking trip to Mt Zion which was just one of the best trips I have ever taken. VERY difficult, but magical and rewarding. I also went on a road trip with my boyfriend. We flew up to Seattle from LA and drove back along the coast, stopping at Mt Rainier, Canon Beach in OR, the Redwood Forest, San Fran, and Big Sur. It was my longest drive to date and just so fun. I can’t wait to have more adventures in 2011!

----- tam 05.12.10 22:06

Taking care of my first puppy. He’s such a handful!

----- Tooky 05.12.10 21:57

Polyphasic sleeping was my adventure of 2010. During January and February, I averaged less than 3 hours of sleep per day. I slept for 20 minutes every 4 hours, and I became more productive than I’ve ever been before! There’s nothing like the feeling of looking at a clock and thinking, “How in the world could it still possibly be the morning?”

----- Andrew W 05.12.10 21:36

My awesomest adventure of 2010 was… 2010 itself. This rollercoaster of a year saw me start a relationship with a Great Guy, turn 28, lose my job, lose my grandfather, lose my car, experience semi-homelessness after a ceiling collapse in my apartment had me couch surfing for weeks, get back in my apartment, finally get some job interviews - and, in the last few weeks of the year, finally get a job offer AND move in to a new apartment with aforementioned Great Guy. So many ups and downs…whew!

----- Michelle H 05.12.10 20:57

Wandering around Montreal with my beloved boyfriend :)

----- April 05.12.10 20:36

Hahaha, the closest thing I had to an adventure this year was when I was in DC during Free Museum Day AND the National Book Festival. It was more of an intellectual adventure, I suppose!

----- Jeremy 05.12.10 20:28

My awesome adventure involved getting lost in Tahoe with some of my closes friends!

----- Steven 05.12.10 20:10

I moved to NYC from SF, an awesome adventure!!!

----- Justin R 05.12.10 20:09

Skiing in Vermont!

----- Melanie 05.12.10 19:45

This year, I climbed a mountain for the first time. It was incredible and a long, hard trek upwards, but it was probably the best day of the year for me. The sights at the top were breathtaking, and I can’t wait to do more hiking.

----- Jess 05.12.10 18:29

Camping overnight then finishing the Tough Mudder with four of my best friends. On the way back hitting up white castle, grease trucks and then Pat’s King of Steaks to end the night.

----- james 05.12.10 18:23

My best adventure this year was taking a trip to Iceland with my girlfriend at the end of the summer. We tried new foods (the food in Iceland is delicious, by the way), biked around Reykjavik for a day, experienced the very exciting night life, and relaxed at the Blue Lagoon spa for a day. More than all of that, though, we experienced the landscape, which varied incredibly over very short distances. Battered, broken lava rock coast gave way to gorgeous, green, rolling hills, which then gave way in places to tall, sharp cliffs, snow-capped mountains, frigid, creeping glaciers, and one very dusty, foreboding volcano. It was a place so far from what we know as ordinary but still so friendly. Iceland was even more exciting and majestic than solo skydiving, our second best adventure.

----- Mike 05.12.10 18:16

Awesomest 2010 adventure? Iberic Peninsula road trip. Me and a few friends rented a car, started off in Oporto, Portugal, and visited a big part of Portugal and Spain, ending in Madrid.

----- Beatriz 05.12.10 17:47

Headed up to Kansas City for a Smashing Pumpkins concert and it happened to be raining. My friend and I hydroplaned losing one tire and then after the concert another tire went bad and we ended up having to stay in a super crappy hotel that smelled of cat urine. It was quite an adventure!

----- Christi W. 05.12.10 17:44

I had a baby in 2010. Best. adventure. ever.

----- Zach Pousman 05.12.10 17:41

Most awesome adventure this year has been working on The Old Republic-can’t wait to share the adventure next year!

----- jacqueline 05.12.10 16:30

My girlfriend and I spent a semester away from the states in the beautifully green Ireland, but this long adventure isn’t what I want to share. More specifically on this trip we went to a remote island off the west coast of Ireland named Inish Bofin. The only way on and off of this island was by ferry which only came every other day. Also on this island the livestock greatly out numbered islanders. The experience that we got when staying on this island off an island was one that neither of us will ever forget. This was the true Irish cultural experience that we were searching for. Needless to say we spent a week on this fantastic hidden treasure.

----- Nate Love 05.12.10 16:19

Trekking out to the Truck Graveyard, 40 miles west of Richmond, VA, to photograph it in the snow last winter was a lot of fun. http://www.flickr.com/photos/lightorchard/4324125580/in/set-72157621273929221/

----- Bruce 05.12.10 15:32

Spent the fall on the road for work more days than at home and used that opportunity to Yelp the hell out of every local area trying the best restaurants. Yum.

----- Abigail 05.12.10 15:24

My awesomest adventure in 2010 was going to volunteer in the Costa Rican rainforest and being woken up every morning to the sound of howler monkeys in the branches above us! Erie

----- Zepf 05.12.10 15:02

My most awesome adventure would be my trip to the Philippines. I toured around 6 different cities. Starting from Manila, to Bacolod, Ilocos Norte region, Baguio City, and more. I am a professional dancer and I was teaching workshops and judging dance events all throughout Philippines. It was an amazing, eye-opening experience to say the least.

----- Geoffrey "Toyz" Chang 05.12.10 14:36

crazy trip to Toronoto with 10 of my friends.

----- cormon 05.12.10 14:27

zipwire obstacle course in rural Maryland.

----- alex 05.12.10 13:58

I went to Latvia, had a two hour crash course in jumping off a plane, went in a 2nd world war Antonov biplane and jumped off it with a parachute. Alone, not in a tandem, but by myself. How is this possible? Latvia I guess!

----- Iva 05.12.10 13:28

This year I spent a month in Italy traveling all over. I fell in love with Italy so much, that I blew all my money on her. I had .50 euro cents to my name the day of my flight back to the states.

I missed my flight because my baggage was too heavy. I tried stuffing as much as I could in my carry on, but it didn’t even come close and I didn’t have any money to pay for the extra 200 euro overcharge. (My credit card also wasn’t working, but that’s a whole other story). I had to drag my suitcases to a far away terminal in order to talk to my airline — not to mention that the handle broke off one of them.

I had 3 bottles of very good Italian wine so I ended up bribing people with alcohol at the airport:

1) for moving my airline tickets to a later flight. (I ended up having to fly from Rome to Paris to Warsaw to New York).

2) for letting my baggage pass without having to pay the extra fee.

3) I ended up drinking with some Italians to celebrate that I was going to make it home after all.

At the end of it all, as I was waiting for my first plane, I realized that I lost my fedora hat during all this re-packing. The guy that booked my new tickets found it and tracked me down in order to return my hat to me. I couldn’t believe that everything worked out and that I got so lucky. It was a crazy end to one of the best experiences of my life.

----- Magdalena 05.12.10 12:57

Wow, not sure I can compete with all of your adventures, but for me this year was completing P90x and Insanity workout (pretty proud of that!) and meeting my lovely girlfriend!

cheers everyone and good luck!

----- syphadius 05.12.10 12:52

Went on a single-track bike ride at midnight with 2 flashlights taped to my handlebars. I hit an armadillo. Awesome.

----- Aaron 05.12.10 12:43

My best trip this year was a kayak trip near Big Pine Key before moving from the Florida Keys to NYC. It was beautiful, just me, my boat, the amazingly clear water and the beauty of the Keys ecosystem. When it gets hectic and busy in my new life in the city, I just think back to how calm and beautiful it was on the water.

----- Amy 05.12.10 12:24

my best 2010 adventure was the eurotrip I did with my boyfriend, we travelled from Budapest, Hungary to Porto Portugal, through France and Spain and back in the north. We had so many adventures and met lots of people, went to an illegal party in Barcelona, climbed the calanques in marseille, slept in a park in zurich and ended up travelling home straight from Portugal which took 2 days, we loved every minute of it and we are planning our next trip :)

----- zsofia ginter 05.12.10 12:12

2010 Adventure = New Zealand (South Islands). cutting through temperate rainforest, kayak through Lake Wakatipu, biking up 3000 foot summit. miles of hiking to get a full view of the glacier cut valleys was phenomenal.

----- AJ 05.12.10 12:11

Went to Cocoa Beach and Indie Atlantic for some surf during hurricanes followed by skydiving the next day! In January, I’m going to the Appalachian Trail for some snow backpacking (never seen snow). Next year, I’m heading to California for a 3 day hike in Big Sur to Sykes Hot Springs and then a hand gliding trip in San Fransisco. So you can see why I’d love a jacket or a pack! -angela

----- Angela N. 05.12.10 11:32

My craziest 2010 experience? I worked at a lab helping to develop a foldable two wheel electric city car at MIT. kickass

----- Jeff 05.12.10 11:01

I finally graduated from school after 10 long years and got the job I wanted. I am now learning how to be a professional adult and finding fun things to do with my new free time (school district employment = a lot of free time!). One of my first purchases was a TAD Gear Hoodie and I love it. I wear it to work and out in the woods, it goes everywhere with me. I was nervous about spending that much money on a jacket, but it has been worth every penny.

----- Russellda 05.12.10 10:45

I went on a road trip from Phoenix, AZ to Washington D.C. and back. A great way to see the country.

----- Taylor Ahlmark 05.12.10 10:34

Baby Tattooville!! Can’t wait till next year.

----- Scott B 05.12.10 10:33

Train trip from CA, to Rhode Island!

----- greench 05.12.10 10:29

The awsomest 2010 adventure was going to a military base to visit an old friend of mine.

----- Emily C 05.12.10 10:28

My father and I hiked up a valley in Denali NP, camped, and then the next day walked up onto the head of the glacier at the top of the valley. Beautiful!

----- Liza 05.12.10 10:13

My awesomest adventure this year was taking 10 days to move across the country with my boyfriend (PDX to PHL). We made it with no bickering and visited many amazing people and places along the way!

----- Lea 05.12.10 10:12

My most epic adventure of 2010 would have to be my travels through Texas. I’m a Massachusetts native and recently had an amazing chance to live and explore in texas for a year. I did so from the end of 2009 all through most of 2010. I was about to centralize in Houston and explore all around Austin, Dallas, San Antonio and lots of little places as well. In addition coming and going via car gave me the classic long road trip through states up and down the coast and fun places like New Orleans. It was amazing to be able to explore and see American Culture through all the different locations and it gave me a far greater appreciation for all of us.

----- Sean Matthew Leary 05.12.10 09:59

Hiking in Scotland and getting somewhat lost through bad map reading skills; but as a result unexpectedly finding the most beautiful waterfall.

----- Rosie 05.12.10 09:54

My adventure of 2010 was a trip to budapest! Going to the country just without any extra knowledge of the country and culture itself! Great to explore and discover new things :)

----- Ken 05.12.10 09:37

My awesomest 2010 adventure was tromping around in streams in Washington, putting hatch boxes in with trout eggs to determine what streams were healthy!

----- Meg 05.12.10 09:09

Baja Sur desert. Awesomest adventure.

----- G2 05.12.10 09:07

Road trip to the Canadian Rockies! It was beautiful!

----- Michelle 05.12.10 09:05

meet a small walls after a bbq on mountain!

----- paolo 05.12.10 08:47

Taking some time off from work to travel through Europe for a few weeks.

----- James D. LaCroix 05.12.10 08:33

This year’s big adventure for me was being made redundant in the crisis, learning to live on the cheap and still enjoying it.

----- Smilla 05.12.10 06:11

My best adventure was picking up and moving on a dime from the West coast of Canada, wherd I’d been living for years, where my community is, to the Catskill mountains, into a tiny cabin on a creek in a hamlet near a one street town, to teach yoga and hike and be alone.

----- Megan 05.12.10 05:21

The greatest adventure in 2010 was travelling around the world best wineries, from South Africa, to Australia, Spain, Italy, France and California. It was all about discovering how much I love not only the wine, but its beautiful places like Sonoma, Napa or Hunter Valley…

…and share that with friends from all over the world, just the greatest gift!

----- Jose Gabriel Rodriguez Diaz 05.12.10 03:13

caving with my gf!

----- Dobrovolszki Laszlo 05.12.10 03:07

A young architect, just starting out, spending time traveling around the country exploring the amazing architecture all around us. Why learn from a book if you can be there to experience it as it was intended.

----- Jeffrey Kaye 05.12.10 00:56

The most awesome adventure I had in 2010 was taking a plane to Toronto for a day and not telling anyone. It was a nice secret.

----- Elaine 04.12.10 23:09

I can’t say that I had a real adventure this year because I didn’t. I didn’t go to the woods or the mountains. Nope, what I did do was quit my part-time job, undertake an internship I hated, graduate from university, have a wonderful birthday celebration with my best friends, go back to working at the job I quit in the summer, get drunk too many times with my closest buddies, fight bedbugs, quit the job again for another job that I completely love right now, finally get a girlfriend, buy an HDTV for the first time and be happy for once.

Not really an adventure, just a lot of luck. Actually I’d say this WHOLE year has been a adventure!

----- Ray 04.12.10 22:56

i am starting medical school on the other side of the ocean, newcastle upon tyne… and this would be awesome! being from miami i am ill prepared for teh cold i am about to see in January in the UK as i embark on my greatest adventure of the human body!

----- Maggie 04.12.10 22:31

My biggest adventure was barrel-rolling my friend’s private plane.

----- John C. 04.12.10 22:21

Over Summer I went to Vietnam for 3 weeks traveling through Japan and Singapore. I rode a train from the city of Saigon (Ho Chi Min city) to Hoi Ann and then rode a scooter through the backroads to find an ancient Vietnamese Temple.

----- Kaeo 04.12.10 22:19

My biggest adventure in 2010 would probably have to be a time when I was in seattle and I just decided to walk in one direction to see what I would find, was a lot of fun!

----- ben mouch 04.12.10 21:53

My grand adventure 2010:
rounding off two excellent years in Japan by cycling across it from top to bottom, then moving back home starting another adventure from scratch. :)

----- Nami 04.12.10 21:50

My adventures in 2010 were an eclectic bunch, opening a business on a military base with some friends, buying a foreclosed house and diving in to rebuild it with naught but my bare hands and the arrogant male belief that i know what i’m doing. there was that attempt to train my dog to fetch beer, but it hasn’t quite come to pass.

best by far, however, was traveling through england. notably i found myself one night with a dear friend of mine whom i was visiting, and we were three sheets to the wind. the girls we were staying with abandoned us to return home on their bikes, for we had none. it was late, we were broke, and we are men. no directions in hand, no map we could possibly read (for some reason, things seemed blurry), just a plan. walk home.

well, as we ventured out into the oxford night, we were greeted by a number of my friends’ classmates and english pals, and two very large scottish rugby players. they were bored, and had a near equivalent BAC as we did, so they joined our quest. we set out on our 3ish mile journey, and within 200 meters, the darkened night sky decided it could hold no more water, and gave it unto us.

in america, i would have been rather unamused im sure, but in this foreign land nothing could keep me down. for the next hour, i wandered the quaint back roads of oxfordshire, england, joined arm in arm with 2 giant scotsmen, singing any song we all could remember at least half the words to.
i can’t wait to go back.

----- Brad 04.12.10 21:06

yet to come …

----- Brian 04.12.10 20:49


----- Stefaan 04.12.10 19:52

My favorite adventure this year was camping and hiking in Ricketts Glen state park. Seeing over 22 waterfalls on the trails there was amazing but the best part was catching a marriage proposal at the base of one of the falls! That experience will commit this Ricketts Glen Adventure to my memory forever.

----- Maggie Stewart 04.12.10 19:42

My awesomest adventure was when I went to see a friend in NC (about as far as I could financially reach from Maine). We hadn’t seen each other in a few years and hadn’t spent more than an hour together in 4+ years. It was an adventure to see just how much we both had changed.

----- Valerie 04.12.10 19:03

Roadtrip to Minnesota on the spur of the moment!

----- John 04.12.10 18:52

need one, badly!

----- dima 04.12.10 18:48

Public transit.

----- Matthew Jarsky 04.12.10 18:33

form fits function perfectly!

----- david 04.12.10 18:26

I survived 2010 with love in my heart and a smile on my face…

----- Scott Bishop 04.12.10 18:17

in mid-april, i decided to leave the states to spend one of my college years in london. now i’m here and i get to spend all my free time exploring europe thanks to how cheap (relatively) it costs to travel on this side of the pond. best decision ever!

----- Kate 04.12.10 17:33

Best possible adventure: the birth of my darling daughter Hazel! It featured all of the best parts of extreme adventures. Nervousness, excitement, danger, and celebration.

----- dave 04.12.10 17:25

My most amazing adventure of 2010 was camping/hiking/fishing in Banff National Park in Canada. Besides it’s majestic views, it also boasts a nightlife that rivals that of Aspen/Vail in Colorado, though much much high altitudes. I would recommend that anyone go visit at least once in this lifetime!

----- Edward Kim 04.12.10 16:40

my most awesomest adventure would be go to New Mexico for a grad school interview. Went inside a taxidermy store. haha lame

----- Steven 04.12.10 16:36

Gorgeous design. So hard to find outdoor gear that doesn’t make you look like you are a teenager… LOL

----- Luke 04.12.10 16:21

Most awesomest adventure of 2010 had to be discovering a new dinosaur species in Montana! JK!! Probably the greatest adventure I had was walking through Central Park entirely for the first time and ending it with some Shake Shack.

----- Darrell 04.12.10 16:08

My husband and I recently explored Italy on our own. It was our first trip out of the country together. We bought a few maps and hit the (cobblestoned, dirt, asphalt, country) road! We met incredible people and had incredible food. We got lost at every turn, but found out so much about the culture, the country, the history, and ourselves.

----- Jessica J. 04.12.10 15:29

Visiting Riga during the light festival. Walking around the city all alone with pretty lights everywhere!

----- Iris 04.12.10 15:10

My awesomest 2010 adventure was when I went to New Jersey over Thanksgiving Break. We drove 26 hours there straight to get to thanksgiving dinner and left the next day. We were only in new jersey for abotu 24 hours before we began the drive home, but it was fun to see family out on the coast for the holidays.

----- Paul 04.12.10 15:02

The sweater looks nice, but the backpack is where it’s at.

----- Paul 04.12.10 14:55

This Summer we hiked along the treacherous rocky shore between Muir Woods and Stinson Beach, CA at high tide and almost got swept away into the Pacific. The rock climbing is insane and who knew you had to cut through a nude beach just to get back to Stinson? I prefer falling rock over naked hippies.

----- Mark Meyerhoff 04.12.10 14:36

hiking in portland! truly beautiful.

----- MR. HAYNES 04.12.10 14:33

My husband and I hiked the camino de santiago and got married at the end!

----- Tiffany 04.12.10 14:28

My most awesome 2010 adventure was purchasing a JetBlue “All You Can Jet” pass and traveling around the country in September/October. I wasn’t able to travel to and explore as many locations as I had originally planned, but I was able spent more time with friends which I believe was a better use of time. During the month long trip I was able to spend time with friends that I don’t have the privilege of seeing often and having some great times with them. I was also able to build upon one particular relationship which I will always remember and appreciate. Whatever path life decides for you, let there always be adventures and friends, and adventures with friends! :)

----- Erik 04.12.10 14:24

My most awesome adventure in 2010 was realizing that love is not static. It ebbs and wanes and blooms vociferously.

----- Samantha Scott 04.12.10 14:24

This would guarantee, that I would ace my next interview as soft goods designer. How could they resist.

----- Scott Ruiz 04.12.10 14:22

I got a policy on my Toyota with this company. They always answer the phone and have great customer service. I only broke down one time so far and they covered it.

----- Auto Warranties 04.12.10 14:05

I had a letterbox to hunt in the woods at a park in phoenixville, pa. I was there for the Blob fest, which was awesome. Watching movies in the theatre that scenes from them were filmed in is amazing fun.

----- Jennifer 04.12.10 14:04

Hm. I went through with my first few “anything goes” animation projects. Is sitting on the cold garage floor an adventure? But if you ask me in a couple weeks, my answer would probably have something to do with Italy.

A coat of some sort might be helpful.

----- Nathan 04.12.10 13:55

This years big adventure involved taking my Paris born wife to the towering evergreens of the PNW to meet the family. While the transition from the pave to the dirt trail was shocking, the food, the wine, and the language barrier made it a time to remember. Unfortunately our trip to SF to decompress after all the familial stress didn’t include a trip out to TAD since it was a monday, watching the fog roll in over the hills in Sonoma was a fitting second best.

----- Zach 04.12.10 13:54

My first trip to Canada exploring the Rocky Mountain trails and glaciers in and around Jasper National Park of Alberta this past summer was my favorite adventure of 2010. The most awesomest would have to be scrambling the barren rocks with a dozen marmots which began the trail up to the snow capped summit with views of Angel Glacier and small avalanches crashing into the beautiful glacial lake below. The merino sweater and litespeed pack would have been perfect that day!

----- Nathan Savage 04.12.10 13:47

My first trip to Canada exploring the Rocky Mountain trails and glaciers in and around Jasper National Park of Alberta this past summer was my favorite adventure of 2010. The most awesomest would have to be scrambling the barren rocks with a dozen marmots which began the trail up to the snow capped summit with views of Angel Glacier and small avalanches crashing into the beautiful glacial lake below. The merino sweater and litespeed pack would have been perfect that day!

----- Nathan Savage 04.12.10 13:46


----- jb 04.12.10 13:44

During college my best friend and I backpacked through Europe. While in Switzerland she decided to go bungee jumping, but I declined because I had already done this in Mexico. While waiting for her at our hostel I meet a few Canadians and they convinced me to join them and we rented go carts and drove up the small swiss mountain to the mouth of a waterfall. It was amazing and extremely memorable.

----- Willa Wilson 04.12.10 13:09

My most awesome adventure of 2010 was a trip to Belize with my girlfriend. We snorkeled the reefs (her first time!), zip-lined through the jungle, ate amazingly fresh local foods, and explored nature like neither of us ever had before. Looking forward to more adventures next year!

----- Rob Blasko 04.12.10 12:52

my awesomest adventure of 2010 was a trip to Bangkok

----- AV 04.12.10 12:44

Plum Island in March- it was shrouded in mist and we spent the whole afternoon frolicking on this moonscape where everything kept disappearing and reappearing in front of you. marvelous@

----- Anna 04.12.10 12:40

Hello! My most amazing adventure for 2010 was the roadtrip from Vancouver to the arctic ocean and the remote place Tuktoyaktuk : ) 10.000km in 32 days!

My partner and I are planning the next roadtrip all the way down from Vancouver to the southest tip of south america : )

The backpack would be an awesome addition to our equipment and would have a fun time with us : )

Cheers T

----- Toni 04.12.10 12:30

Hi, this year I went for the first time on a hiking trip with my uncle in italy, in the Dolomite mountains. He told me about how awesome the “via ferata” are - trails with cable markings and security, so I borrowed some equipment, took my boots and went off. In the first accommodation trip we were supposed to take a one day tail and head back to camp… but the one day trip became a two day adventure because of wrong calculations on how long the trail would be… so we ended up on the top of the mountain in the night, where we tried to find the right via ferata to take us to camp (our water was gone and we only had one headlight). We found water from a melting glacier right before nightfall, by following a slight noise of water droplets falling. We decided to stop and sleep, but the slopes were too steep for a rest, and we bound ourselves to the feratta with security cables. Finaly the moon appeared, and we decided to climb back the feratta (wich was too dangerous without enough light) and walk back the track one hour to the latest bivouac on the trail. We slept perfectly :)
I’m fine and I really want to start going each year to the Dolomites, I just need a better equipment :D

----- maja 04.12.10 11:49

This summer I went 3 weeks in a backpack trip to Michoacan, Mexico. Slept in churches and moved by foot, great experience, will never forget, Patzcuaro lake looks amazing when sunrise and the mountains are all covered with clouds, Laguna Larga is like the paradise of woods, a deep wood area and in the middle a great aqua lake.

Hope to do more adventures like this one, love to capture them on picture and to make them alive in my mind.

----- Manuel García 04.12.10 11:49

My biggest adventure this year was life.

----- Denise 04.12.10 11:49

Oh well, this year I went to hike with my best friend. As we were crossing the first few rivers in the trail, it started to rain. It wasn’t merely raining, though. It was pouring, and the lightning was deafening. Although I told her that we should go back, she kept saying that we would just go through the next river and then we would go back. However, as we approached the next river, some other hikers informed us that it was very swollen, and it wouldn’t be wise to try to cross it by ourselves. I stayed in the bank of the river, but my friend insisted that we cross it. She went, on her own, through half of the river and sat on a stone.

Now picture the scene. The rain pouring around us, the lightning cracking, the river roaring and my friend sitting calmly in the middle of it. I screamed at her to come back, but she kept saying “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine” If that had been a movie, she most definitely wouldn’t have been fine. Because it wasn’t, though, she managed to come back. I was so angry at her that I didn’t speak to her for a while, but then I forgave her out of relief.

----- Sele 04.12.10 11:40

Best adventure in 2010: I became a father!

----- Sam 04.12.10 11:39

Weekend of Thanksgiving, I went to a native american inipi ceremony. Lots of HEAT, SWEATING and connection. It was such an amazing experience of cleansing and delicious vegan/vegetarian potluck dinner after!

----- Anne Wu 04.12.10 11:11

Climbing up Mt. Evans in Colorado was a thrill. Even though it was my second fourteener, it still took my breath away.

----- Alec 04.12.10 11:00

Walking a couple miles (carrying my young kids in the rain) to the edge of Niagara Falls. Kept it hidden from their view until the very last minute, while the roar got louder and louder. Two year old described it as “ginormous!”

----- G.T. 04.12.10 10:56

My most awesome adventure was when I went hiking with my family when I was younger. A lightening and thunderstorm occurred while we were in the middle of the woods. The path we were on turned into a stream and tree that was right nest to us was struck by lightening. And by the time were close to the car we had to cross a large creek but the bridge had just collapsed and we had to balance ourselves and walk across the moving logs. After that we were finally safe in the car.

----- Emily Kerns 04.12.10 10:46

My awesomist adventure for 2010 was spending a week in the Rivera Maya. Rum, sun, and buns.

----- Jeremy 04.12.10 10:24

As a guide for a wilderness eco-tourism company I get my fair share of adventure. This year’s hightlights: having our ship surrounded by dozing humpback whales; watching a mother grizzly bear teach her cub to feed on salmon; witnessing a tidewater glacier calving into the ocean; having a killer whale breach right beside us in hot pursuit of a porpoise…It was a good year. But the most fun I had was an awesome two week road trip with my girlfriend around the Pacific Northwest from the mountains of Squamish and Whistler to the central desert and canyons of Washington and the gorgeous rainforests of the Olympic Peninsula. Best road trip ever!

----- Paul Smith 04.12.10 10:22

The first week of 2010, took a polar bear plunge in Sedona, AZ (believe me, it was cold!) and skied my first black diamond run ever in Vail, CO.

----- Lori 04.12.10 10:20

In 2010, my awesome adventure consisted of flying into Lima, Peru on New Year’s Eve right at midnight when it felt like the entire city unleashed a volley of fireworks that were *this close* to the windows of the plane as we were about to land. I’d always seen fireworks from below, so to see them at eye level as they exploded was pretty outstanding.

----- AJ 04.12.10 10:11

My 2010 Adventure was taking a trip through Washington, Oregon, California and Nevada, on route to Burning Man. We stopped in at Smith Rock State Park in Oregon for rock climbing and hiking, then continued on to Black Rock City, Nevada, for a wild time at Burning Man.

----- Vinny W 04.12.10 10:01

2 days before flight day, i randomly bought a solo ticket to south africa and jump on board a volunteer program with a group of scientists and rangers at a small private game reserve on the south western edge of Kruger. there was neither a lot of planning nor expectations. i ended up being stalked by a group of lions at dusks, slept in the wild bush, stood face-to-face with a rhino, smoked dried elephant poop (yes, they do that there), saw a cheetah hunt, toasted 2010 new year with a simultaneous display of sunset and moonrise at the same time atop a mountain range, stumbled upon a 3-day psychedelic trance party by accident in the jungle of transkei (seriously weird), skinny dipped a waterfall, hitchhiked a ride with a stranger, and surfed the indian ocean.

----- Thaniya 04.12.10 09:56

Climbed eight stories of a service ladder to reach the top of a cement refinery silo. saw the whole surrounding area from way up high. beautiful views

----- dylan 04.12.10 09:54

Getting married has been an awfully grand adventure.

----- JenG 04.12.10 09:49

I learned how to surf in Barbados. I climed mountains in Peru. And I helped deliver a baby in my bedroom.

----- Patrick Bennett 04.12.10 09:41

My best adventure this year was our trip down the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in ID. It’s always an incredible trip. The TAD backpack would be perfect for the trip and great to use on the evening hikes.

----- Josh 04.12.10 09:36

What’s more awesome than living in Greece, in the center of complete chaos? Every day is an awesome adventure! I need this bag..

----- kostas 04.12.10 09:29

It’s always so awesome to discover something new from northern nature and old forests. This year I’ve been inspired by snow, ice, burnt wood and delicious mushrooms. All my trips even to the nearest and dearest forests have been awesome adventuries!

----- Mimi 04.12.10 09:24

My craziest adventure of the year had to be going to India. Discovering their culture and their food. I would be lying if some nights were spent very very close to the toilet.

----- Lucas Lund 04.12.10 09:21

Give me FREE STUFF, PLEASE:) I’m poor!

----- Rick 04.12.10 09:20

My best adventure of 2010 was in New York. The environment and experience from visiting many historical and contemporary places were more than what I could have imagined alone. (Only to name a few) from Times Square and Opera to 9/11 memorial site, I have seen so much diversity, culture, and history in one city. Going over to New Jersey brought a whole different experience to the trip. Their atmosphere was comparative to business-like atmosphere of NY. Because the most recent adventure was city-oriented, I hope the next adventure will be nature-oriented.

----- Linda K. 04.12.10 09:15

My biggest adventure of 2010 was moving to Hawaii! Can still use the gear though, gets plenty cold at the top of Mauna Kea (14,000ft).

----- Emily 04.12.10 09:15

Love that pack and sweater. I wish I would have had them both for my bike ride up the hudson river last march. would have been much more organized and warm.

----- Matthimself 04.12.10 09:08

that’s a nice sweater.

----- Adam Edwards 04.12.10 09:02

Sad to report no good adventures in 2010.

----- Paul R. 04.12.10 08:57

Well this years most awesome adventure was moving all of the bands gear, from the parking lot to the stage at the “Feria Nacional de San Marcos” imagine caring a 20 pound monitor, bafles, etc. For like 2 miles packed with drunk people, and making 3 trips in total. That surely was my awesomest adventure of the year

----- Samuel V. 04.12.10 08:47

My awesomest adventure the year was finishing a half iron distance triathlon… Not so much because of the distance but because of my lack of proper preparation.

----- Tran 04.12.10 08:44

My awesomest adventure the year was finishing a half iron distance triathlon… Not so much because of the distance but because of my lack of proper preparation.

----- Tran 04.12.10 08:44

My best 2010 adventure was this summer when my girlfriend decided to give me the 1st of 3 kite surf courses. My god, it, was, INSANE! While my body was surfing or flying with the strengh of the wind I had the revelation that we are, as human being, very small. That tought made me feel more alive. The experience was pretty awesome and I would like to do some more kite surfing, rock climbing, some mountain hiking and more very soon.

----- Etienne Richard 04.12.10 08:27

My best adventure this year was I got orders to change mission and be Part of the push to retake Kandahar Afghanistan. Our Company has led a large part of the assault and I was part of what will hopefully be a major turning point in the War.

----- zac Clifford 04.12.10 08:27

My big adventure for 2010 was going to Dublin with a few friends on the cheap and walking from the airport into town, which happened to be a two hour walk. I can say next time I’ll pay for the bus.

----- Peter W 04.12.10 08:24

My awesomest 2010 experience? My friends drove to the US and traveled the entire Route 66 by car :)

----- Brendan 04.12.10 08:18

My awesome adventure this year was rock-climbing and hiking Yosemite Falls, camping by ourselves with a bear in Sequoia until the snowfall was too much to “bear” then moving on to Death Valley to get warmer, see amazing stars at night and discover petroglyphs among the desert flowers.

----- caitlin 04.12.10 07:55

2010 adventure: quitting my job, selling my car, buying a kayak - learning to kayak - almost dying while kayaking - and then learning how to live

----- Jon Spear 04.12.10 07:43

my awesomest adventure was this past summer when i drove across the country and camped out in 7 of the best national parks america has to offer! it was a huge learning experience in terms of national scope, and brought along some great memories.

----- curtis 04.12.10 07:38

This summer I did a travelproject for a company. Initially I wasn’t all that enthausiastic about the whole idea, but I didn’t take long to realise that I had to travel throughout Europe, on a tiny budget. Within a span of six weeks I traveled to most of the EU countries on foot and train. Slept beneath the stars, and met friends all over the continent.

----- Matt Hoving 04.12.10 07:30

My Best adventure of 2010 was hiking the California coastline. The Best part was finding some hidden beaches along Big Sur. Wow it was breath taking.

----- Tom Freeland 04.12.10 07:23

My most amazing adventure this year was going to Buenos Aires! The people were amazing, the culture, the food. Walking down the cities version of the board walk at the wrong time and knowing enough Spanish to know that someone was saying “we should just kill them” and then passing two prostitutes in the park on the way out wearing fur coats, pumps and thongs, nothing else. Learning to tango and enjoying the Argentine tradition of a dia del campo! I hope to go back to study in some form, or just explore Patagonia!

----- Chris Sanger 04.12.10 07:22

Hiked the Running Dog with my cutie. In true DeSoto style - off trail, scaring the natives….

----- Derek 04.12.10 06:50

First mountain bike ride on spiked tyres, awesome!

----- EH 04.12.10 06:49

Camping with my family (parents, siblings and in-laws) on the shores of Lake Michigan. An annual event that leads us exploring new areas of a state park.

----- Dave 04.12.10 06:48

My (to be) most awesome adventure will be hiking the Atlas mountains from Algeria to Morocco for Christmas this year! Always looking to streamline my hiking layers and gear!

----- Kara O'Malley 04.12.10 06:44

In March, went on an adventure with my brother, to look for ice waterfalls near the village we were born in. After realising we were on the wrong path, decided to take a shortcut across an open field. Halfway through, the snow got waist deep, every next step requiring double the energy. But there was no way back. The final 200 meters took forever, but we did it, and swore never to touch cigarettes or alcohol again. After that, following firmer animal paths seemed like a walk in a park. When we finally reached the area where springs flowing over sandstone rocks forming ice waterfalls, one final task was to cross a creek with running water. No big deal, the creek was small, and I thought I’ll just leap and grab tree in front of me. But I slipped, and missed the tree by a couple of centimeters, hitting it with an elbow instead. After I stopped jumping around from the crazy pain, my brother checked me – I had dislocated shoulder, with the hand bone hanging 2cm lower from where it should be. The 3 kilometers back to our car was the most “awesome” walk I’ve had in my life – no pun intended. Made me think a lot about how big adventures can be had just 5 meters off a paved road.

----- Agirs 04.12.10 06:41

My awesomest adventure was a “vacation race” across the country from Michigan to DC with my boys, meeting up part way with my wife and daughter who came from California.

----- Noel 04.12.10 06:37

I moved from Autralia to Canada. Now every weekend I pack my old ruck sack full of the essentials and go adventuring to explore my new home

----- Demetri 04.12.10 06:32

My most awesome adventure this year was a journey to my inner self.

I’ve been working with a mindset trainer who specializes in creating 180 degree shifts in peoples thinking.
Over the past 20 years he’s worked with Police, Young Offender Units and Drug Rehab Units.
I figured if he can create powerful turnarounds for the top 2% of offenders, what could he do with me?

Suffice to say the adventure began on day 2 of our 6 part program and whilst I’ve been on real life adventures to the Western Sahara many times, now I’ve done this work and journied to my inner self, the word “adventure” takes on a whole new meaning.

I will be returning to the desert leading teams of 24 adults and 24 young people at a time, on a powerful new sustainability program to help refugees grow their own food in the desert. The FAST Pack Litespeed looks like the perfect pack for each team member and looks rugged enough to withstand the grueling 2 week Land Rover convoy journey to reach the camps across Spain from UK then through Algeria to Tifariti, in Western Sahara’s liberated zone.

The Special Service Sweater looks perfect for those surprisingly cold nights in the Sahara desert.

If I’m one of the lucky ones to win a prize, I’ll stick a Triple Aught Design logo on my Land Rover :-)

----- Martin 04.12.10 04:44

A trip from A to B. On foot.

----- Margus 04.12.10 04:26

My most awesome adventure this year was going to Alp Salanfee. Camping next to the Glacierdoor was definitely adventurous.

----- Roman 04.12.10 04:17

My most awesomest adventure was taking my high school students to see the High Line in NYC for the first time.

----- Roy Reid 04.12.10 04:15

Want the back pack, please! Please!!!

----- Markus reuter 04.12.10 04:04

NYC! I wandered around manhattan for days … if I could present an analogy of my experience there. I arrived expecting to meet this idealistic, elusive lover (the lover being NYC) and left with a completely different being … all the more happy. So many adventures and not enough space to write them.

peas n carrots

----- lish 04.12.10 03:51

My best adventure of 2010 was completing a year of service as an AmeriCorps VISTA for my local school system. It was the best feeling in the world to use my skills to help my community.
Second best adventure? Getting a job at Eastern Mountain Sports where I get to talk about gear like this all day!

----- Lara 04.12.10 03:47

I went on a 6 week long cross country road trip with my friends band. Needless to say after that I need a new bag!

----- Dave 04.12.10 03:40

Well… let me see… Last year I left from Greece to go on a business trip to Germany and I ended up in Spain… Since then I’m enjoying the Valencian sun! Next year: US (how cool is that!)

----- Yiorgos 04.12.10 02:45

lets just say the canoe trip went a little longer than planned….

----- joash 04.12.10 01:39

My most awesome adventure of the year has been fostering the most amazing little boy I’ve ever met! We adventured him all the way to the opposite coast for a week of sand digging and Atlantic wading. Riding in airplanes has been a highlight of his short life and a pack like this would have made our easy travels even easier.

And I would look super cute in that sweater.

----- Speck 04.12.10 01:33

Setting up a zipline atop a fire lookout tower :)

----- Jonathan 04.12.10 01:22

I went on a road trip with my friends for time in my life. It was only from northern california to southern but it was definitely memorable.

----- Eric 04.12.10 01:18

My adventure of choice would be to take part in the 2011 Mongolia Rally… where you have to drive a tiny car from the UK all the way to Mongolia. This pack would be the perfect pack for this fun yet arduous adventure.

----- Mikell Johnson 04.12.10 01:08

For me, the best adventure I had in 2010 was visiting Finland! A beautiful country full of kind (and gorgeous) people haha.

----- Carly 04.12.10 00:58

My biggest adventure of 2010 has been going on foreign exchange and traveling around Europe. I’m going to school for Industrial Design at the University of Wuppertal for a semester in Germany and have been visiting Cologne and Dusseldorf semi-regularly but have also gotten to celebrate Thanksgiving and party in Berlin, spend a few nights in Prague, take a week off in beautiful Barcelona, and visit major names in design such as Pininfarina in Italy, the UK base for Samsung design in Europe and Braun headquarters here in Germany where I got a tour through some of their offices and of their museum. Definitely a lot of cool stuff, next up is the Red Dot Design museum and the Bauhaus Archive which I missed on my last visit to Berlin. Woo design!

----- Matt 04.12.10 00:57

“I have drunk fragrant wine, I have sung songs, I have hunted stags and wild boars in the forests, have loved women … Beauties as ethereal as clouds, created by the magic of your poets and geniuses, have visited me at night, and have whispered in my ears wonderful tales that have set my brain in a whirl. […] I have climbed to the peaks of Elburz and Mont Blanc, and from there I have seen the sun rise and have watched it at evening flood the sky, the ocean, and the mountain-tops with gold and crimson. I have watched from there the lightning flashing over my head and cleaving the storm-clouds. I have seen green forests, fields, rivers, lakes, towns. I have heard the singing of the sirens, and the strains of the shepherds’ pipes; I have touched the wings of comely devils who flew down to converse with me of God … In your books I have flung myself into the bottomless pit, performed miracles, slain, burned towns, preached new religions, conquered whole kingdoms …” - Anton Chekhov, “The Bet”

Only in books that is… though with your grace, I’d love to make those into reality. =)

----- Hannah 04.12.10 00:30

I wouldn’t mind winning one of these.

----- range 04.12.10 00:11

My awesomest 2010 adventure? Braving my first year of college at UC Davis! The cold fall and winter days truly deserve the right clothes, and you trust me that it gets awfully cold biking from class to class.

----- Victor 04.12.10 00:04

My husband and I moved to Palestine for the year in January. We have had a non stop adventure with traveling, making new friends, and learning so much (including learning Arabic)!

----- Bryanna 04.12.10 00:02

Spelunking in the country’s longest volcanic lava tube near Mt. St. Helens. I just said “spelunking”.

----- xanderpants 03.12.10 23:52

My awesomest adventure was making the move to New York City.

----- Bianca 03.12.10 23:48

My most awesome adventure was blindly putting a pin on the map of Australia, landing on Canberra.

Driving up there, spending 3 nights, and driving back, was one of the best roadtrip adventures I’ve had so far. The gorgeous Monaro Highway (driving from Victoria), the delicious food, the awesome Hotel, the wonderful shopping, the impeccable service. Simply magnificent.

----- Tony T 03.12.10 23:48

I have been in love with this brand since I came across the monster fur hoodie 2 years ago and their stuff just keeps getting better (though really I’m not sure if anything will top the hoodie…)
Top adventure of 2010 goes to my move from VA to TX in a 1985 dodge cargo van… no ac and no radio and three mattresses strapped to the roof. 26 hours straight. TX is worth it

----- Sarah 03.12.10 23:45

Definitely my first date with a hippie. We went rock climbing (two states away). It took all day and I was wearing a cashmere top. Neither of us had clocks so we just climbed until it was almost dark. Very fun.

----- Allison 03.12.10 23:24

This entire year was my most awesome adventure…moving to Africa, boat rides to ancient monasteries that once housed the Ark of the Covenant, hiking to gorgeous waterfalls and competing in dance contests in Ethiopia…learning to make lac bangles in India…buying a laptop in Turkey and having to communicate through Google Translator since the sales attendant didn’t speak English and I don’t speak Turkish. But by far the coolest thing I did this year was seeing the snow capped peaks of the Pamir Mountains in Tajikistan from a helicopter! Amazing!

----- Jessie 03.12.10 23:15

Went stealth camping in Pacific Rim National Park with a buddy of mine. Spent the days surfing and the evenings drinking scotch on the beach. Nothing like waking up in a tent on the beach which nobody else in sight!

----- RJ 03.12.10 23:15

Drove cross country twice.

----- Matt J 03.12.10 23:09

I got my passport and traveled Europe for the first time!

----- Dane 03.12.10 23:00

I pulled my boyfriend down from the wrong side of the rails on a bridge.

----- Wyley 03.12.10 23:00

My awesomest adventure this summer was going tubing down a river. Exciting Huh? Little did we know that we hiked about a mile to far up the river, where tubes are not supposed to go. We went through rapids that kayakers were avoiding. Nothing like taking a lazy, beer drinking activity and making it a near death experience.

----- Jeremy 03.12.10 22:49

My awesomest adventure of 2010 was working on a 3 day snowmobile commercial in -20f Montana winter. I’m cold just thinking about it.

----- Owen 03.12.10 22:44

My 2 best girlfriends decided to fufill my lifelong dream of seeing the Grand Canyon! We took a road trip, and I saw more things in 14 daysthan I dreamed possible. We had never been camping so we pulled up to the site and I noticed these shaggy deer, I thought “weird, this the desert, why all the fur?” It WAS the desert! National Geographic taught me that the desert temperature plumets at night! We forgot! That night we totally froze, and me, pansy that I am, slept in the car. It was still the best night of my life.

----- Kylene 03.12.10 22:26

My best adventure was taking a good friend fishing up on a small lake in the mountains for the first time in his life and getting him hooked! His second fish of day was an 19 inch rainbow trout! Needless to say he would like to go again.

----- Ross E 03.12.10 22:20

Today we went to Movement, a bouldering and belaying gym in Boulder, CO. Just one of many righteous outdoor activities surrounding greater Denver. Love the CO!!

----- Buck B 03.12.10 22:13

We (wife, two boys and me) just made a transatlantic move to Oregon: new continent, new beginning, and NEW BABY on the way! And with endless miles of gorgeous NorthWest outdoor to explore, this would make the most awesome OUTDOOR DIAPER BAG ever!

----- Roel 03.12.10 22:13

I messed with Texas.

----- the mayor 03.12.10 22:10

awesomest moment in 2010 was whale watching with my 2yo son!

----- cc williams 03.12.10 22:06

my most awesomest adventure was going camping for the first time !! it was great!

----- amanda 03.12.10 21:54

I took a 5 day course at the AI in Vancouver on Electronic Music Production, best week spent with my school friends. So much learnt and explored.

----- Michael 03.12.10 21:53

My most awesomest adventure of 2010 was learning to fish in Michigan with the help of my boyfriend teaching me. I caught a fish, but needed a little help getting him off the hook(I threw the little guy back after). My boyfriend LOVES the outdoors, and I am not much of an “outdoorsy” girl. We are both trying to share our passions with each other. He is being a great sport when I take him to the art museums(I am a painter). Hopefully we will be able to try fishing again soon, maybe even a camping trip in the spring for another awesome adventure!

----- whitney 03.12.10 21:35

My awesomest 2010 adventure is yet to come.

----- Joe Wasserman 03.12.10 21:28

Our most awesome adventure was hiking and camping in the Olympic National Park this Fall. The rivers, hot springs, wild life, food, it was perfect.

----- Heather S 03.12.10 21:23

This is an amazing giveaway!

My “awesomest” 2010 was a road trip to the Grand Canyon & Four Corners Monument. We drove for 16 hours but were able to see the sunrise over the mountains of Colorado.

----- Christina 03.12.10 21:12

My biggest 2010 adventure was exploring the city of Philadelphia myself! I live in a small town and have never been to a big city. I was with a group of students but none of them were interested in the Anthropology museum so I decided to find it myself! I ended up taking the wrong train and walking 10 blocks in the wrong direction but I finally found myself there! It was exhilarating!

----- Maia 03.12.10 21:12

My best adventure for the year 2010 involved driving 20 hours straight to Orlando, Florida for a weeks getaway. We arrived at our hotel just at sunrise and got to celebrate our sleep-deprived delirium in the hot-tub with beers and the rising sun. Epic.

----- Mikaela 03.12.10 21:10

Hook islands.. Whitsunday.. Australia. You take an hour long boat ride, get dumped on an island with no electricity and no facilities. You fend for yourself in the Australian wild with numerous creatures (poisonous spiders and jellyfish, giant biting flies..). The boat comes back once in awhile to drop off supplies, but otherwise, you are completely alone. Favorite part? Reading in my kayak at night with a flash light, with the sound of infinity lapping on the shore.

----- Alice 03.12.10 21:05

my hubby is from Guatemala, so this year we took a trip and stayed in Antigua and got to climb a volcano… it was awesome :)

----- Michele P. 03.12.10 20:43

Haha, my awesomest 2010 adventure was going to Seattle to see a Japanese band that never comes to Vancouver. My friend and I got lost many times and wound up in some shady places and got accosted by drunk men - it was a pretty fun trip!

----- Alicia 03.12.10 20:42

In early September this year, I spun a globe and randomly picked a location to spend a week discovering. My friend and I landed on Bogota, Colombia. We’re entrepreneurs in Washington DC and can work remotely, so 2 weeks later, we landed in South America. No itinerary, no hotels booked, just 2 Americans who speak zero Spanish dropped into a foreign country without any prior knowledge. Ended up being an eye-opening and amazing trip. The best experiences are the ones you aren’t prepared for. We prepared by not preparing!

----- Adam Crain 03.12.10 20:41

My awesomest adventure this year was one of the trips I took from classes to travel to a small Tibetan village in Western Sichuan China. After driving for two hours in a little jalopy van, we rattled into the small town that was covered in flailing prayer flags and filled with friendly Tibetan people. After hiking through the village and eating yak meat with a local, we wandered to a beautifully open plain covered in more yak, prayer flags, and eager Tibetan children. They yanked us over to play soccer with them and the Tibetan monks who ran around barefoot (and were surprisingly really good!). Once we were exhausted we climbed to the top of a little hill and ate peanut butter and crackers before taking a nap in the crisp, cool weather.

----- Christie 03.12.10 20:41

Seriously, I didn’t have an awesome adventure this year. I was laid off for some time, but thankfully have a job now. So with some new gear from Triple Aught and a job to provide me with some benjamins, I’d look forward to having an AWESOME adventure for 2011!!!

----- Cesar 03.12.10 20:39

I started off the year flying over to Los Angeles from Toronto, Canada and interning with a photographer for 3 months. It was the first time I lived by myself and was absolutely amazing.

I then continued on and a month after I came back I took my first international flight to Australia and New Zealand for 3 weeks. I walked the coast at Bondi beach, saw the three sisters at blue mountain, ate kangaroo and alligator meat, bungee jumped, scuba dived and snorkeling in Cairns, saw the 12 apostles in melbourne, hiked an inactive volcano in auckland, zorbed in rotorua, experienced a maori hangi/dinner, surfed in tauranga, hiked through tongariro national park where scenes of Lord of the Rings was filmed and so much more.

All i can say is that this is the most awesomest year I have had to date.

----- Rosanna 03.12.10 20:32

I got married to my incredible wife!

----- Jacob Fu 03.12.10 20:30

leaving school for the real world.

----- jennifer 03.12.10 20:28

As a send off before a friend left for a little European odyssey, a couple guys and I spent a weekend with him in Montreal where he’d been living. We then drove down to New York, spent a couple nights enjoying the city, and he caught his flight from there. Frist time seeing NYC, hope to go again in 2011, though maybe as more of an adventure and less of an assault on my liver.

----- Eddie 03.12.10 20:26

This year I went on my biggest adventure to date. I decided to volunteer for a year in Iraq. The organization I am with is dedicated to peace and we all know that Iraq needs a healthy dose of that.

----- Joanna 03.12.10 20:06

my best adventure of 2010 was my 4 weeks this summer in the philippines trekking up the mountains upon which my friend’s grandfather owned plantations, eating fresh dragonfruit, swimming in local lakes, spelunking, fishing, hiking down volcanos and bathing in volcanic waters, navigating the insane malls in manila, snorkeling and cavorting about boracay, trying not to be seduced by the nightlife, hanging out with supreme justices, eating balut, and all around just exploring a country i know nothing about. it might’ve been the best adventure of my life thus far.

----- Kye 03.12.10 19:58

It wasn’t an exotic adventure, but I embarked on a new job! Exciting and scary!

----- Yenn 03.12.10 19:50

Building a giant thatched hut with hand tools and materials found on site and sleeping in it with 4 of my friends. So much work, but the coolest experience of my life. It can be seen here: http://ibrich.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=24#/d2o0njt

----- Ira 03.12.10 19:41

I got married in May, so that’s an adventure in the cheesey Hallmark sense I guess, but for our honeymoon we stayed in my family’s mountain house for a long weekend where it subsequently rained 6 inches, we got leered at by locals, and the night before we left, a bear tore out the cross-ties supporting the rather steep driveway while looking for food, nearly collapsing it. It felt like a bad Ben Stiller movie.

----- John U 03.12.10 19:39


----- Yoshio 03.12.10 19:38

This summer I venture out to Greece. I am an incredibly tall and skinny guy, and clothes that fit me well are hard to find. I know that these would fit me wonderfully, and that would be a treat unto itself, but they would also aid me in Greece. Thank you.

----- David Rieman 03.12.10 19:38

Most awesome adventure of 2010: foodie trip to Portland. Epic!

----- Tab 03.12.10 19:34

Getting very lost in London.

----- Jason 03.12.10 19:21

This past summer drove up to Haleakala for sunset. It was amazing, and cold. ;)

----- Andy 03.12.10 19:13

My most awesome adventure this year included a month long trip to Spain, France, and Italy with my best friend. Taking countless buses, trains, and flights, we packed those 4 weeks full of adventure. From surfing in Northern Spain, to eating the most delicious pizza in Florence, it was the most amazing adventure that I will never forget. I will especially cherish and remember the times we spent waiting for the sun to set in Cinque Terre and Somo. That is what life is about: two friends and nothing but true beauty and peace.

----- Holly 03.12.10 19:12

This year I climbed Kings Peak in Utah. The snow was blizarding, our water was freezing, and me and my friend were stalked by a mountian lion! Great trip, a lot of fun, would do it again in a heart beat!

----- Walker McFarlan 03.12.10 19:06

Love TAD Gear. Had a chance to visit SF the winter of 09’ and scored on a Ranger Hoodie straight from the shop. Check em out… www.tripleaughtdesign.com

----- Gary 03.12.10 19:05

My awesomest adventure this year was my trip through Central and Southern Mexico. Really a beautiful country and it makes me sad how it’s mostly thought of via what’s going on along the US border.

----- neonsocks 03.12.10 19:03

That hoodie is sooo attractive, but I really want the lamp more. :)

----- Leona 03.12.10 18:59

My best adventure of 2010 was probably Machu Picchu and the week prior traveling through the small mission towns of Bolivia, all so wonderfully remote. Brazil was ok too (ie. I want go back to immediately!!!)

----- Bethany 03.12.10 18:58

Awesomest 2010 adventure? Getting robbed at gunpoint on my front porch… walking through my front door will never be that exciting again.

----- TK 03.12.10 18:54

After a long car trip, took a great hike and camped around Umtanum ridge in Washington state. Hiked over the Yakima River and up to where only the Bighorn sheep and the Cougars live.

----- Itamimasu 03.12.10 18:49

Riding down the freeway on a motorcycle!!

----- Stella 03.12.10 18:40

My most amazing adventure of 2010 was heading to mexico, djing in Mexico city and the next night in Cholula, running around the pyramid of Cholula, then flying to Australia for dj gigs and wanderings across the eastern coast from Sydney to Brisbane, all in three weeks.

----- Larisa 03.12.10 18:38

The most awesome adventure of 2010 was finally taking my truck off roadn’ for the first time… and the last…..

----- galen 03.12.10 18:36

Panama for 2 weeks in 2010!

----- Mundy Hackett 03.12.10 18:10

Awesome Adventure 2010: Studying Abroad in London for a term, Fall 2010. I could use a nice sweater right now, London is having the coldest December in centuries and the heating is nowhere near up to our standards. It would also be useful back home living in the upper Midwest.

----- Alison Schaaf 03.12.10 17:58

Awesomest 2010 adventure: Sailing from Lake Michigan to Aruba; just my girlfriend, myself, and our boat.

----- Pete Retzlaff 03.12.10 17:57

Best adventure this year was visiting friends on both coasts this summer, which included ziplining, ATVs, and lots of food!

----- Benjamin D. 03.12.10 17:42

I went out west this past summer and hiked in cheyenne canon, colorado springs.

----- alison 03.12.10 17:40

2010 - 30 days Beijing, followed by 30 days Shanghai, with a week in the Yellow Mountain. Top it off with 2 weeks in Ghana, beach and amazing people.
Happy to be home now. What will 2011 bring?

----- Daimian 03.12.10 17:37

During the summer of 2010 I flew out to Santa Fe, New Mexico from New York City for two weeks of kick-ass hiking and exploration. Hit Carson National Forest, Diablo Canyon, the Jimez Mountains and even dipped into the Rockies for a bit. Great local fare and enough interesting culture in the city of Santa Fe to satisfy anyone!!

----- Andrew 03.12.10 17:30

I don’t have a car, so I JUST managed to carry a 7ft Christmas tree 20 blocks back to my apartment. I sure must love Christmas.

----- Adrien 03.12.10 17:26

During the summer of 2010 I flew out to Santa Fe, New Mexico from New York City for two weeks of kick-ass hiking and exploration. Hit Carson National Forest, Diablo Canyon, the Jimez Mountains and even dipped into the Rockies for a bit. Great local fare and enough interesting culture in the city of Santa Fe to satisfy anyone!!

----- Andrew 03.12.10 17:25

My biggest adventure would have to be driving cross country to pick my brother up from college!

----- Stephanie 03.12.10 17:24

My most awesome adventure of 2010 was winning this giveaway!

----- Robert 03.12.10 17:14

Awesomest 2010 adventure was definitely heading to Peru for almost 3 weeks for exploration and study.

----- Jen 03.12.10 17:13

Exploring Detroit.

----- Spencer 03.12.10 17:11

My most awesome adventure was using GPS to map out an old parcel of land (measured in archaic arpents, no less) and seeing what had happened to the land since it was first mapped out. Amazing to find the dry creekbed, a new creek, and landmarks that had been seen by so few before.

----- Anissa 03.12.10 17:05

I’m hoping to hike part of the Appalachian Trail. But I’ll need some gear to do that…

----- Young 03.12.10 17:02

Nothing too wild. I went on a solo two-week trip to Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver. A new pack would be great for the next excursion.

----- Anders 03.12.10 17:00

In January of 2010, I was driving about an hour or so outside of Las Vegas and suddenly got caught in a snowstorm on the highway. All along the trip, it had been raining, but the higher elevations brought freezing temps that raised the stakes instantly. It happened at night, and I’d never before experienced the “thrill” of driving in snow. I’ll never forget seeing the crystallized waterflakes blowing straight across the windshield as I tightened my grip on the steering wheel and prepared myself for an adventure into the unknown. Suddenly, every slight adjustment of speed, steering and braking became exaggerated in its importance to my keeping the old rear wheel drive sedan under some semblance of control. Now would be the worst time to make a mistake! My concentration on driving through the whitefall (makes it sound kinda pleasant, huh?) was hyper intense, given that the big rig traffic around me was still moving at a good clip, thus forcing me to keep with the flow. Here I was, gambling even before reaching Sin City. I was not prepared for such an event, but it was a trial by fire, or ice in this case. After twenty minutes of this, the temperature finally began to rise as I approached the town’s outskirts, turning the frosted flakes into rain. And as the ice melted off the glass, I congratulated myself and my trusty car on getting through it unscathed. Looking back, it was an amazing experience that taught me to respect the forces of nature and be better prepared for the unexpected.

----- Gary H. 03.12.10 17:00

My biggest adventure was getting married in TN this summer and for the first time, having my German family and all my new friends and family from the States meet (I was born and raised in Germany, but have lived in the US for 7 years now)…It was an adventure for them to come here, but it was an even bigger adventure for me to have them in my new home, see them in my town, take them to my coffee shops and have them meet all the people that i spend my days with…Next year my husband and I are returning to Europe and all this would come in very handy! Thank you for the opportunity…

----- Lena 03.12.10 16:43

my most awesome adventure this year was coming back to civilization after nearly two years of tropical rainforests and sketchy power grids. Still miss it, though…

----- Nicholas 03.12.10 16:35

my most awesomest adventure of 2010 was a 2 week colorado backpacking trip with two buddies. one day involved a 10+ hour hike with multiple near death experiences and we survived on wild trout, clifbars and nuts throughout the whole trip. we also may have seen sasquatch fighting douglas adams dressed up in a rhino suit. who won is really a no brainer.

----- Brent 03.12.10 16:31

looks like an amazing treat…

----- Youval Vaknin 03.12.10 16:22

This year’s adventure was definitely a road trip from Georgia to Kansas for a wedding, with dozens of stops along the way. As a family we planned to spot every dozen miles at some cool roadside attraction. We got to see everything from the world’s biggest ball of yarn to the biggest tire. Quite fun and quirky!

----- Roger Penguino 03.12.10 16:10

2010 was all about kayaking on the SC coast - from the salt marshes, rivers and open ocean… Good times.

----- JustSteve 03.12.10 16:02

We borrowed an ‘85 Honda Sabre and rode a thousand miles on the California coast; from sunny San Diego, through a smoggy LA, to the cliffside, mountains, valleys and forests of Big Sur. There was a cold, windy night spent huddled in a tent on the shore, tempered by a beautiful day watching diving pelicans and dolphins in the distance; there was a rustic cabin nestled in the foothills of the redwood forest, and so many winding roads and amazing sights that could only truly be done justice on a motorcycle.

It was just him, me, and the one backpack shared between the two of us, riding the days away.

----- samira 03.12.10 15:59

I am so awesome that you’re gonna pick MY COMMENT from all the other comments.

----- christine 03.12.10 15:56

Best adventure of the year was going camping on Santa Cruz Island off the coast of Santa Barbara with 10 of my closest friends. The island was breathtaking, and maybe I would have been less sore from all the hiking if I had this awesome backpack. Thanks for all the cool giveaways!

----- Nicole 03.12.10 15:55

I’m gonna have a kid by the 10th of December! Whew!

----- KGB 03.12.10 15:55

This set is awesome, thanks Notcot and Triple Aught Design for the chance to win! They all would have be great assets during my trip this year trekking through the farms and sugarcane plantations of Brazil.

----- Erik Dahl 03.12.10 15:54

2010 adventure: graduating with debt, finding a job!, working my ass off, saving up so i can go to ICELAND. soon. i hope! still saving…. im going to go looking for little people in the crags. ill bring one home in my TAD pack….

----- LKIEH 03.12.10 15:44

2010 was nearly adventure free, but will end with the start of a month-long trip to Vermont, New York, Louisville, Memphis, Nashville, Houston, Austin, LA and San Francisco. I’m exhausted already, and I haven’t even left yet!

----- Quinn 03.12.10 15:32

My biggest adventure has to be picking up and moving out east to take a job in Manhattan. It’s a big change but I love it!

----- Jessi 03.12.10 15:30

I spent 10 days zipping up and down Italy on a train taking pictures all the way.

----- greg randall 03.12.10 15:29

2010 was my awesomest adventure! The past year I studied design in Hong Kong and traveled around Asia. 2010 was an unforgettable year exploring new places, seeing different design and architecture, connecting with old and new friends, trying new foods, experiencing different customs and celebrations, learning new things, and at times navigating foreign countries on my own. Here are some photos of my 2010 journey: http://www.flickr.com/photos/starriiris/collections/72157625523109598/

----- Diana 03.12.10 15:26

my wife and i went to photokina in cologne, germany 2 months ago. as avid fans of lomography, we specifically attended the lomo booth - and got ourselves free cameras. we were able to meet the lomo founders as well. it was a blast!

----- jay 03.12.10 15:19

My awesomest adventure in 2010 was to go scuba diving at Fontana Dam in Tenn. I dove about 110 feet down near the bottom and close to the dam. The water was cloudy and dark down there so we had lights with us. I was just going along nicely when a GIANT catfish that was bigger than me appeared about 3 feet in front of me. It’s mouth was at least a foot and a half across. I was so scared that I dropped my light and the water was so cloudy that I could not find it. I could not tell which way was up or down because it was so dark and that huge catfish was somewhere nearby. I finally calmed down enough to see my bubbles going up and swam that way to get to the surface. I was never so glad to be out of the water in my life. I live at the beach and dive there all the time and see alot of sharks. Believe me sharks are not nearly as scary as the catfish that live near a freshwater dam. This was an adventure that I will never forget.

----- Cindy Pigg 03.12.10 15:18

I would love the new pack! My last one broke..

----- Michael Chen 03.12.10 15:13

For the first time since I was 14, I am 26 now, I went backpacking. My Mom and I hiked up the Tilly Jane trail on Mt. Hood found a place among the little big of shrubbery higher up and setup our tents. We woke to an amazing sunset above near the glacier. I wouldn’t trade that trip for anything.

----- Jake Sepulveda 03.12.10 15:11

Trip to the Oregon coast for my birthday!

----- Evan Bowers 03.12.10 15:09

This Summer, my Wife and I took our almost two year old to the big island of Hawaii. It was a great trip, but the “amazing adventure” part didn’t begin until just before our flight home. I’m deathly afraid of flying, and seeing that our return flight was a red-eye, I figured it would be OK to sedate myself and sleep through most of it. In the airport lounge I decided that two Xanax, an Ambien and a beer would make me much more comfortable during takeoff. Unfortunately, my timing was a bit off, and probably should have waited until I got on the actual plane. I blacked out about ten minutes later, so the rest of the story is what I have pieced together from an irate wife. The 100 yards or so from the lounge to the plane is my amazing adventure story. Apparently, after clearing security while being clearly impaired, i was unable to keep my rolling carry-on on it’s wheels. “It’s not working” I reportedly told my frustrated wife. She took the bag from me, worried we wouldn’t be allowed to board. She managed to wrangle both our carry-ons, the diaper bag and our toddler across the tarmac and up the stairs of the plane while I stumbled behind. At the top of the stairs she told me I tried to start a conversation with the flight attendant about pants. I don’t have any recollection, but I am pretty sure it must have gone something like this: flight attendant, “Hello Sir, welcome aboard.” me, “I have pants!” Amazingly, we weren’t kicked off the flight, and I was even served another drink during the flight, because I woke up with a receipt for one in my pocket. So, as you can see, I desperately need to win this contest before our next adventure because I have a problem with rolling luggage. Thank you.

----- Joshua 03.12.10 15:08

My awesomist adventure this year was getting a beehive and becoming an urban beekeeper!

----- Sara 03.12.10 15:04

My latest adventure was a trip to Seattle to research coffee shops. Will be starting one in the next year or so.

----- DerekTGreen 03.12.10 15:04

we were kayaking in east germany in the summer, just had 20 year old map. in the map there was a camping-site. we arrived just before the sunset. nobody was around. this was definitely no camping-site anymore. we just build up our tents make a fire and enjoyed the night.

next morning three cops was waking us. telling us this is a nature protection area and it is also forbidden to make fire in the woods …

but cops were easy and said we should be gone in a hour and not making fire in the woods anymore.
the next camping-site on the map where there. this was a nice trip :)

----- rico 03.12.10 14:58

This was a great year for adventures for me, so it’s a bit hard to pick. I think the awesomest has to be hiking in the Canadian Rockies with my boyfriend this summer. It was the first time I went (tent) camping since I moved to Canada 8 years ago and also my first time hiking such big mountains! The views and experiences were phenomenal and unforgettable. I can’t wait to go back!

----- Sharon 03.12.10 14:57

Best 2010 adventure would be me and the missus taking a road trip home to Wisconsin for Christmas. We left a soggy Tallahassee for New Orleans where we strolled the French Quarter, heard the boys choir at the St. Louis Cathedral, and had beignets and coffee at Cafe du Monde just before the rains poured back down on us. I had never seen Graceland before, but I can’t imagine it any grander or more outrageous than at Christmas. We found the St. Louis Arch to be notably impressive and surprisingly interesting. The southern cooking at Sweet Pie’s at the Mangrove, however, was possibly worth the entire trip. We made a special stop in New Glarus, WI, “Little Switzerland” which was arctic cold (nothing a little Spotted Cow couldn’t cure) and charming as only a little known place like that can be. One last stop at House on the Rock before making it home to Oshkosh in time for Christmas. It wasn’t a slog through a rainforest or a trek over mountains, but it’s one of the best trips I’ve ever had.

----- Nate 03.12.10 14:56

I went to NeW Orleans after 7 year trying to get my american visa. I got together with my fiancee for the first time in a year.. we are a Gay couple and we cannot get married and get a residency so i have never been in the states.. for the first time i traveled and just the thrill to see him was an adventure enough.. when we got together we traveled all over the country visiting many places ending at NYC.. loved every minute..that was my adventure

----- Walter Orellana 03.12.10 14:55

I love music (as both a performer and an appreciator), and my adventure this year, my challenge, has been to see and perform more music than I ever have before. I joined and performed with a band, saw dozens and dozens of local shows, traveled home to have a family bonding experience at an arena rock show (flew in one night, saw Rush from the tenth row the next, flew out that following morning), and road tripped all the way up the east coast with my friends, seeing as many of our favorite bands as we could. It’s been an inspiring year, and I feel better than ever about performing and about supporting live music, especially local live music.

----- Jo 03.12.10 14:55

3 day hike in the Ansel Adams Wilderness back in late August where the temperature spanned from 85˚ on day one to snowing on day three! Could have used one of these sweaters…

----- Chris A 03.12.10 14:55

What a year for adventures! And TAD gear always makes them better.

Started off the year with a week long snow shoeing adventure winter camping along the way. Next was a backpack trip through through pictured rocks national park in May. Lows were in the 20s. Then there was getting married, amd next getting pregnant. Then it was off for the Salmon run in Michigan. Can’t wait for next year!

----- Bill 03.12.10 14:54

Train and apartment hopping through one of the worst winters Europe has seen… A story all about our wonderful friends, and the weather:

Berlin: over a foot of snow for the New Year, shooting fireworks from balconies into the street and dodging the same; from there by train to Amsterdam: which wouldn’t be complete with the train breaking down just across the border, and a last-ditch transfer through an iced-over train platform.

Amsterdam: still snowing and the ducks were hilarious sliding on the ice of the canals, looking perturbed. Our friends couldn’t stop talking about the cold and snow.

After Amsterdam,a quick stop in Brussels, STILL snowing, then on to Paris where yes, it snowed, much to the amusement of our French friends.

Lastly: iced runways blocked our path home(do we detect a pattern here yet?) so we ended up running again to get on a different airline for a different route home…but we met friends in BOS on the way to hang out - because that’s how we roll.

----- Ari 03.12.10 14:50

helping my cousin go camping for the first time and having him love it

----- noah 03.12.10 14:50

i need the gear to start 2011 as a new year to HAVE an adventure. i plan to visit the czech republic, to see where my family lived several generations ago before coming to america. all of the items would be great to have and be extremely useful. thanks.

----- ryin 03.12.10 14:50

My husband and I decided to take a month off and travel to Sydney, Melbourne, and the South Island of New Zealand. It has been almost a year since that trip, but we still hit the windshield wipers instead of the turn signal sometimes after that week and a half driving on the other side of the road.

----- Lauren 03.12.10 14:45

We had many mini adventures during 2010, which began with the birth of our son, taking him snowshoeing at 5 weeks, camping trips, weekly hikes, and now plans for a year long expedition to cover all of the US. 35,000 miles to get kids back outdoors! Rock on TAD Gear!

----- Jennifer Nichols 03.12.10 14:44

Starting school again after a year of freelancing but also visiting my gf as much as possible even though we are 3500 miles apart… Entering the country is an adventure every time!

----- Timo 03.12.10 14:42

I went on a roadtrip with my sister from Illinois to Canada, California and back.

----- Ming 03.12.10 14:40

My most awesome’est adventure would probably have to be learning the art of fire dancing (staff & poi). It has been an amazing, zen-like retreat from the problems & cares of everyday life. Learning this artform provides an amazing transcendental escape that I am definitely going to continue and pursue the rest of my life; making everyday an even more awesome adventure!

Also it allows a great combination with my hiking excursions in the Malibu & San Bernidino mountains. Don’t worry, no fire is used in the forests (only on the beach)! Spinning up above the rest of the city, with a night sky canvas, can be very spiritual.

That epic wool fleece would be a fantastic addition to my closet, as it has natural fire retardant built in ;) Thanks for opening this opportunity to us and happy holidays!

----- Brandon 03.12.10 14:40

My adventure this year was buying a house, getting 2 puppies and assuming several new responsibilities at work.

----- Trevor 03.12.10 14:38

cooking my first thanksgiving meal.

----- janete 03.12.10 14:37

My awesomest adventure has been moving from San Francisco to LA to pursue my dreams with my wonderful girlfriend

----- Jeremy B 03.12.10 14:33

Had the awesome experience of trekking across Italy for the first time. Lucca is a beautiful place, indeed!

----- Cill 03.12.10 14:29

This year my husband and I were able to make a trip back to his home, Turkey. I took three weeks off from work and he stayed for 3 months with our two sons. We were able to see family we hadn’t seen in several years and traveled to lot’s of our favorite spots. My sons and I shared some super fun times. Learning to ride a donkey—bare back, milking cows, getting down on all fours to drink water from a glacial stream running through the middle of a dirt road, harvesting a wheat field by hand (no machinery where my husband is from—it’s rural), collect warm fresh eggs right out from under the hens for breakfast hiking into the mountains to collect wild thyme and catching some crazy looking Turkish trout. This time I actually drove about half way across the country, my husband drove the other half. If you’ve ever been to Turkey you know it’s kinda sketchy to drive there.

----- Danica 03.12.10 14:26

Holla at ya goalla. I’m the out doors type but can’t even grow a beard at 23. Need some gear to boost my woodsmen rep!

----- Dakota Ortiz 03.12.10 14:24

I restored a motorcycle and drove it around to 6 baseball stadiums in 6 days. Could have really used that backpack.

----- Brian 03.12.10 14:23

in the summer of 2010 I sailed on a boat up to Svalbard. It was unreal we saw seals, walruses and polar bears. I got to walk on Hans Glacier in hornsund bay and drink whiskey on the 500 year old rocks (ice from the glacier)while enjoying the 2 am sunshine.

----- Paul Kozak 03.12.10 14:22

So it wasn’t my adventure per se, but my girlfriend just got back from a trip to Peru and Argentina - still waiting on the full download of all her stories, adventures, and photos. As a lifelong outdoorsy person (spent many a summer above the Arctic circle in the Canadian north) trying to get her into camping and the cold, this would be a much appreciated gift! Thanks and happy holidays to all!

----- Stefan 03.12.10 14:19

Can I just post and be in the running?

----- tudza 03.12.10 14:17

Hello, this is unquestionably a certainlyamazing blog post. In theory I’d prefer to be able to be able to produce like this too - taking time and real work to create a brilliant post.!!!. but what can I say.!!!. I procrastinate alot and never seem to get anything done. Thank You

----- Devorah Roome 03.12.10 14:10

Amazing road trip into farmlands !

----- Anne 03.12.10 14:09

My brother and I are planning to do week-long backpacking to mountain!!! Should be exciting

----- Dan Yoon 03.12.10 14:08

This year my best trip was a two week adventure in Costa Rica where I hiked up jungle trails to see a volcano, got drenched in the roaring river rapids white water rafting, dangled off of ropes and rock climbed, strapped in and screamed my a** off zip lining through the jungle. Of course no trip is complete without a nice relaxing day at the hot springs and awesome sunsets by the beach. I already want to go back!!!

----- Gabe H 03.12.10 14:07

My most awesome adventure this year was going to Spain with my wife. Not knowing a word in Spanish was definitely adventurous.

----- jay Poon 03.12.10 14:02

I wasn’t able to go on many trips because I graduated college with a degree in Industrial design and got my first design job… But that was an adventure in itself.
I did manage to go on an awesome kayak trip on a local canal though.

----- Chris Wilkinson 03.12.10 13:56

Hello, this is a certainlyexcellent blog post. In principle I’d wish to produce like this too - taking time and genuine energy to make a brilliant write-up… but what can I say.!. I procrastinate alot and by no means seem to get something done. Thank You

----- Deidre Meuller 03.12.10 13:47

Exciting for me was buying my first grown-up camera - Olympus E-PL1. :) Not that exciting for the average person but for me, it was a big deal.

----- hana 03.12.10 13:42

Did a great hike after being dropped off by the Durango Silverton.

----- Greg Smith 03.12.10 13:38

wow, that backpack looks sweeeeeet! the sweater too! :)

----- Jeff 03.12.10 13:36

This year we did our dream vacation to Japan. Completely on our own, five cities, and thank god for the fact that my husband know rudimentary Japanese. It was amazing in every aspect and I can’t wait to go again.

----- Audrey R 03.12.10 13:31

i had brain surgery.

----- mark 03.12.10 13:21

My biggest adventure from 2010 was starting training parkour. Every time we went out to climb on new buildings or jump new gap added excitement.

----- Zac Clark 03.12.10 13:16

My awesomest adventure of 2010 was learning to drive a vintage Army jeep in the high desert of Southern Arizona. Humvees and MRAPs might keep a Soldier safe, but they’ve got nothing on the jeep when it comes to style and fun! Bring back the Jeep!

----- John C 03.12.10 13:13

+++ not sure if it was the awesomest but more like amazebawls adventure of 2010. i had a horrendous parachuting accident in southern Africa, breaking my back in three places. After severe rehabilitation, overcame the odds to become the youngest British climber ever to reach the summit of Mount Everest and come back down..oh wait, that’s more a description of Bear Grylls brit special forces that i just watch from the comfort of my couch. but it’s still an amazing adventure none the less - this way at least i’ll be dressed the part before i stream Man Vs Wild on my netflix through my Tivo +++

----- dan 03.12.10 13:09

Best adventure ever this year was getting in my car going around a racetrack!

----- jack 03.12.10 12:56

What a great give away! Thanks NOTCOT and Tripe Aught Designs!

My awesomest 2010 adventure was definitely going up to Alaska. Such gorgeous landscapes, not to mention, really intesesting people. Highlight of the trip- a raft trip down the Kenai River. We were the first trip of the season, so we had the river completely to ourselves which made the experience even more, well, awesome. The water is the most gorgeous blue, almost a turquoise, views of the snow covered Chugach mountains, a black bear sighting (!), all topped off by a delicious picnic lunch in complete solitude with just my raft mates on an island in the river surrounded by all of this splendor.

----- Sabah 03.12.10 12:38

My awesomest adventure in 2010 was pretty lame: Going for a hike in the morning when we went camping Labor Day weekend….

----- James 03.12.10 12:32

This summer while doing research on Muslim refugees in Utah I was invited on a retreat with some elders from the local mosque. We spent the day swapping stories, discussing theology, speaking in Arabic and eating traditional food with only our hands. It was not a far stretch to imagine we were in Saudi Arabia and not actually stuck in Mormon Mecca, Salt Lake City.

----- Philip 03.12.10 12:31

This summer while doing research on Muslim refugees in Utah I was invited on a retreat with some elders from the local mosque. We spent the day swapping stories, discussing theology, speaking in Arabic and eating traditional food with only our hands. It was not a far stretch to imagine we were in Saudi Arabia and not actually stuck in Mormon Mecca, Salt Lake City.

----- Philip 03.12.10 12:30

My greatest adventure was going freelance this year. It’s had it’s ups and downs but it’s never been boring! Long may it continue. =)

----- Dan 03.12.10 12:29

My most awesome 2010 adventure was and is my journey into entering adulthood. I’ve gotten a job that I am proud of. I made my first big purchase (a couch!) and have learned to be independent. And while yes, I have traveled out of town, I will most remember 2010 for my internal adventure.

----- Roxanne 03.12.10 12:29

A trip to the Gunks in New Paltz, NY for rock climbing, and camping. The weather was perfect and the views were unreal.

----- Matthew K 03.12.10 12:27

My epic 2010 adventure was a venture into New York City for my first concert [ever]. At Madison Square Garden no-less!!

----- Collin Banko 03.12.10 12:24

My epic 2010 adventure was a venture into New York City for my first concert [ever]. At Madison Square Garden no-less!!

----- Collin Banko 03.12.10 12:24

2011 Goal: This year I will not fall off a waterfall in the Costa Rican Jungle and fracture my shoulder. (But I won’t let this get in the way of other adventures…)

----- Kevin 03.12.10 12:20

2 weeks ago, trip from New Orleans to Austin for Celebracion (ultimate frisbee tournament). 2x 15 passenger vans full of awesome people and awesome times!

----- Kevin Weddell 03.12.10 12:18

I was lucky enough to study abroad this year in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Being able to experience the Middle East as an actual, evolving, modern culture is incredible. And the treasures in that county - Petra, Ajloun, Wadi Rum, are all incredible.

----- ah 03.12.10 12:16

My awesomest 2010 adventure will be a Christmas ski vacation. I hope the Triple Aught Design Santa finds me there.

----- Ed 03.12.10 12:16

My favorite adventure this year has been exploring parts of Hawaii with my girlfriend back in the Spring time - it was beautiful and peace, yet exciting at the same time!

----- Stacy B. 03.12.10 12:15

ready to do some recon!

----- eug 03.12.10 12:14

This is an awesome set, thanks Notcot and Triple Aught Design for the chance to win! I think my awesomest adventure this year was traveling to Scandinavia. We spent a day exploring the islands outside Stockholm, and got to take in some incredible views, hike a nature trail, and visit with some very nice sheep. Visitors were allowed to wander all around their pasture and they were very curious and friendly… that is until a small child started chasing one of them and ending up “herding” the whole flock away! Fun times, hope I win!

----- Zoe 03.12.10 12:04

My awesomest 2010 adventure took place in Howth, Ireland. My friends and I were walking along the shore when we decided to hike to some stairs in the cliff that were a little ways away. We climbed along the shore, over boulders and tidepools, through a cave, and past a waterfall to get to the stairs. We finally got to the stairs and climbed up, only to discover our path blocked by a concrete wall with a spray painted sign “No Exit, Beware of Dog.” We couldn’t go back the way we’d come because the tide was coming in, so I had to find a way around the wall. After climbing underneath a bush, stepping in a patch of mud 4 inches deep, walking through someone’s backyard, and climbing over another wall, we finally made it back to the main road. Impromptu adventures are the best!

----- Megan 03.12.10 11:55

My most awesome adventure of 2010 was a trip to Costa Rica. It was a fun challenge to travel out of a pack, sleep at communes and ride crammed buses on narrow hillside roads while powering through the nausea of my first pregnancy.

----- Ro 03.12.10 11:50

My awesomest adventure this year was my first trip to tube down the Guadalupe River. This may not sound that exciting, but having living in Texas all my life, I was missing out on one of the best natural things to do ever!

----- Charlie Price 03.12.10 11:49

I had a baby.

----- Mark N 03.12.10 11:47

This year my awesomest adventure was taking my entire family wilderness camping when they are used to Hilton and Holiday Inn stays. It was a learning experience for us all… and we had a blast!

----- Adri 03.12.10 11:40

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