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The HP Envy100 Printer Unbox- 12.21.10

lust.jpg This post is a sponsored series that takes a fun peek at the gorgeous details of modern life. The irresistible design details that enhance our lives… Gillette is the sponsor (Thanks, Gillette!)… but, as always, the post and ideas are 100% NOTCOT!

I had no idea a printer could be such a lustworthy design object ~ inside and out! HP sent over one of the new HP Envy100 e-All-in-One, and it’s kind of magical. Firstly, it looks like a sleek black box with some mirrored details, like the dots on the top… but really, it looks like a box, it doesn’t scream printer/scanner/networked object. In fact, at first glance, i didn’t even understand where the paper went IN or came out. Secondly, it comes wrapped in minimal packaging! The final layer being a reusable bag - that is subtly patterned, a pretty nice tote shape, and perfect for groceries. It’s even the world’s first PVC free printer. Thirdly, it is not only wirelessly networked, it can be printed to from ANYWHERE. Via email! Yes, emailing to print… is like faxing minus the phone line?

So those are the three things that blew my mind first. It’s surprisingly stylish and un-printer like… unexpectedly green from unboxing to materials… and they’ve made great use of the wireless connection! Now the last thing i expected to find useful… the APPS. With its 3.45” highres capacitive touchscreen (basically, its like a smart phone built into it)… you can browse and download apps… without touching a computer, someone who’s lost and needs directions home can browse google maps, and print out two sided page of directions. Surprisingly easily. Coloring pages - paper toy designs - recipes… just like that! Even movie tickets… though it does feel weird feeding my credit card number into my PRINTER. You can even play Sudoku on it… i guess good for office while you’re waiting for it to print/scan? But you have to see the pics on the next page… and what’s inside it… as well as FINLEY! My CubeeCraft i couldn’t help making after printing him out to get some action pics for this post. A printer that distracts me with toys to build… devious!

See? no joke ~ wifi, eprinting, apps, and a smartphone like screen built in! envy2.jpg

The surprisingly minimal packaging… envy5.jpg

including the reusable bag it comes in! envy6.jpg

There is something far too fun about taking pics into its mirrored face! envy7.jpg

see? envy8.jpg

A press shot peek at the bag and printer… envy10.jpg

Now… to show you JUST how easy the printing is! Here are some apps… literally everything from weather to movie tickets to maps to coloring pages… envy11.jpg

… to CubeeCraft! Select a guy and hit print envy12.jpg

… the display moves further out, the tongue swings out from nowhere… envy13.jpg

And there it is! Super fast too! envy14.jpg

Of course the worst part now, is that the printer is now supplying easy access to toys/distractions… physical things to do while (instead of) working… and then i proceeded to cut out Finley here and assemble him… envy15.jpg

… here he is! finley1.jpg

OH! and because i just realized i didn’t show what’s actually going on inside the magic box of HP Envy 100 - here’s a peek… first lift = scanner! second lift = printer guts! finley2.jpg

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6 Notes

Nice sharing thanks

----- lolita resimleri 22.12.10 11:07

Information is good to follow on:)

----- lolita resimleri 22.12.10 11:03

Looks like a really great printer/scanner, until you look at the specs on the side of the box and see that it takes a tri-colour cartridge. Why oh why can’t it take separate cartridges for each colour, so that you don’t have to waste ink and money replacing all three inks when just one runs out?

----- Nathan Adams 22.12.10 03:13

Designed by TEAGUE in Seattle in collaboration with HP.

----- Ben 21.12.10 17:41

oops! fixed the links!

----- jean 21.12.10 13:01

According to the Amazon reviews, it also allows you to print from an iPad: http://amzn.to/hIVJCQ

And your link to the HP page for it is screwed up.

----- Virginia Postrel 21.12.10 12:57

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