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Knog Bike Locks + Photos- 12.04.10

bikemain.jpg Aussie company,Knog, is one of my favorite bike accessories companies to watch, and i’m not at all a bike person, but i love watching what they are up to ~ beautifully designed products, playful photography ~ and their latest line of Bike Locks do not disappoint. Functional with a fun use of silicone to top it all off ~ gorgeous color choices ~ and so many options. Take a peek at some of it on the next page. LOVE the pic of one even holding up a CAR!








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3 Notes

looks really good

----- Oliver 05.12.10 22:26

I wish this rubber silicon lock is not easy to cut-off. It seems week as a lock Not the locker.

----- Liam Zhu 05.12.10 19:18

She has a bigger **** than he has….

----- Ted 04.12.10 11:19

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