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Operation Window Seat: Tiny Airplanes- 12.02.10

tinyplanes0.jpg Justine seems to be taking over my Operation Window Seat addiction… and is taking it to a whole new level. Armed with her new Canon 60D, on her LAX home to LHR flight, she has started taking some amazing TINY PLANE SPOTTING pics! Found these in my dropbox shortly after she got home. You have to see how incredibly tiny they look! Then let yourself imagine how many people are in there! They are pretty amazing, almost surreal, and i swear i didn’t photoshop them in! So very fascinatingly tiny, check them out on the next page!




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Are they really tiny, or just far away?

----- Chris 02.12.10 11:03

Great shots.
It’s incredible to take it in the sky above the clouds

----- Vasili 02.12.10 02:48

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