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Gift Guide: Green- 12.10.10

greeeeen.jpg Click HereGift Guide time! In addition to the NOTCOT Holiday Coupons and the many Holiday Giveaways that will be unfolding daily… Today, we’re going GREEN at home, in gorgeous and unexpected ways as sponsored by Starbucks who is celebrating their 12 Days of Sharing with us, all around NOTCOT.org! Ready for the green gift guide? Check out the next page!

terr.jpg Litill Terrariums - http://www.notcot.com/archives/2010/10/litill-ltd-terrariums-at-er-bu.php

grenade.jpg Suck UK Flower Grenade - just toss/break and water!
Common Studio’s Holiday SeedBomb Pack - complete with wooden slingshot to help distribute the bombs to those hard to reach areas!

green1.jpg Woolly Pocket’s Wally One Indoor+Outdoor Living Wall
mcdowells air plant hanging pot

plantsac.jpg Authentics Pflanzsack - in various sizes, these are ready to go for anything from a little flower on your desk, to a huge house plant!

green2.jpg Planters from Walter
Pascal Charmolu & Born In Sweden’s Watering Can

plansack.jpg Authentics Pflanztasche

wooly.jpg Wooly Pocket Modular Gardens

wall.jpg Thelermont Hupton’s Off the Wall Mini Plant Pot

planter.jpg Swedish Garden Tools
Greenbo’s Railing/Balcony Planter

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2 Notes

I saw a tv show last week about this. It wasn’t as exciting as your writing.

----- Jessi Giffith 24.12.10 07:29

I actually have been looking for something like this! I wanted to compare the indoor planting products you guys have been showcasing on notcot and voila! Dreams DO come true!

Since I have almost no space left for anything green while desperately needing it (I basically grew up in a Canadian forest), I’m glad people have come up with aesthetically pleasing solutions. Thanks for your article!

----- Mari Baquir 12.12.10 11:50

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