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Audi at CES 2011- 01.07.11

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Ok, firstly. OMG. CES is absolute madness as always. Vegas is, well, Vegas. And as you’ve seen in previous years, CES coverage NOTCOT style is a smattering of eye catching design in real life! So first things that tend to grab me (we see the products so early often!) is booth design! First one to just literally suck me in and leave me in awe not wanting to leave… Audi. Wow. In a sea of show floor visual chaos, tucked behind the digital health (i.e. fitness ipad apps and adjustable beds), there is this looming large box of a space, that literally glows… and you just HAVE to walk in… and once in, there’s something almost magical (yet so surreal like you stepped into a scifi in between space) that is SO glowingly white from all sides, geometric facets all around, from the floor and ceiling and walls to the furniture and installations. Showing off their new electric and hyper linked systems, the display was filled with grown men and women with that 5 year old look of wonder. While their keynote promised a dreamy future of technology in automotive… from AR HUDs and e-tron spyder concepts, to autonomously driven Audi TTS… while still stressing that while they want more technology to assist the driver, they don’t want to take away driving from the driver. I can’t deny there is a definite draw to the clean glowing simplicity of their “booth”! See it on the next page!

audi1.jpg Ok logo placement, felt so car show/dealership like at first impression, but given the context it was surrounded by, it was like a glowing oasis…





audi8.jpg Something so surreal about the funiture… hard, glossy, all 90 degree angles…

audi9.jpg … then there were this slightly squishy foamy geometric blocks you could perch on…

audi10.jpg Like lining up for a ride to see the future, people took turns to play with the Head Up Display…

audi11.jpg Isolating the interior into a white, glossy, faceted, sleigh like structure…

audi12.jpg Exploring the maps with what looked like a digital roulette table… as he raked the puck like discs to interact…

audi13.jpg Bizarrely glowy, isn’t it?

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