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Gallery 1988 Venice: Multiplayer- 01.14.11

gameart00.jpg Here’s a sneak peek at the show opening tomorrow at the newest Gallery 1988: Venice! (Bittersweet that SF is closing, but awesome to have one on the westside!) “Multiplayer” opens tomorrow night and is filled with video game inspired art! I can’t wait to see what else is unveiled tomorrow night! Take a look at a few of the pieces on the next page… but be warned, you’ll be overcome with a nostalgic desire to go play tetris and zelda and more though!


gameart1.jpg Eric Tan - Dunk Hunt

gameart2.jpg Kevin Tong - Tetris

gaameart3.jpg Todd Slater - Zelda

gameart4.jpg Daniel Danger - Silent Hill

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The show was amazing for sure. All the art was great and the gallery is very nice. A huge contribution to its success is the show having been curated by OMG posters (omgposters.com)

----- Kevin Tong 17.01.11 00:11

Kevin Tong’s “Tetris” is amasing. I like it most as I understood they are built on the ideas of games? Great connotations. Every of them is good, but the girl with 8bit heart is the best!

----- essay writer 15.01.11 07:47

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