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Gravy IN Biscuits: Tasteologie Week In Review- 01.12.11

gravyinbiscuit.jpg So for a slightly different format than our usual weekly roundups, here’s a post from Tasteologie Editor, Jackson!

This past week at Tasteologie we’ve seen a great variety of wonderful food inspiration. The standout this week is an abundance of foods wrapped in carbs of some sort. Every culture seems to have their own take on this combination. Dough is great. It’s made from pantry staples, and has served for centuries to stretch out limited food supplies through the lean months. It once extended life spans, but is now an delicious opportunity for indulgence. The dumpling/calzone/empanada remains a great comfort food, connecting us to that part of our culinary history.

It is in that spirit that we turn a breakfast favorite inside out! Above you can see our incredibly easy, mini Gravy IN Biscuits, like a savory cream puff or bao! Simply fold semi-frozen veggie sausage gravy inside biscuit dough and then bake. The freezing of the gravy gives the biscuit dough time to set, and keeps the outside on the outside and the inside on the inside. They are best hot out the oven and have the same delicious familiar flavors of the classic breakfast… just slightly out of order.

Now take a look on the next page at some of the delicious inspiration we’ve encountered, as well as some Liqurious drinks!

roundup tasteologie #3930 tasteologie #3909 tasteologie #3897 tasteologie #3892 tasteologie #3886 tasteologie #3785 tasteologie #3794 tasteologie #3867 tasteologie #3885 From Korean soup dumplings and cannelloni to empanadas and calzones and stuffed french toast… Click the images to find out more!

roundup tasteologie #3906 tasteologie #3902 There are even dueling onion soups this week! Are you for English or French? Click the images to find out more!

roundup liqurious #5212 liqurious #5215 liqurious #5218 liqurious #5229 liqurious #5224 liqurious #5221 And what do we drink with all these delicious dishes? Here are some of the latest libations from Liqurious! Click the images to find out more!

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4 Notes

Don’t find myself commenting often.. but great post!!

----- Belinda Burke 14.01.11 17:09

Well this is winter and I love anything savory wrapped in pastry. Going to London soon, so I will be able to get a decent Cornish Pasty.

----- Al 14.01.11 12:33

Mmm-mm! I agree. These looks delish. And I rarely use the word ‘delish’ to describe anything, nevermind food. So it must be pretty knee-slappin’ good, I’d say.

----- Laura! 13.01.11 19:54

what a tasty post!

----- s a 13.01.11 00:17

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