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Jawbone Era: Unboxing- 01.28.11

era0.jpg Sorry i went quite a few days here, internet has been a bit frustratingly spotty, and between all the snow and running around catching up with people, this week has been a little bit more working offline than on! BUT, this post is a fun unboxing of the new Jawbone Era in my Bowery Hotel room! As always, beyond their product design and engineering mastery, the packaging of all things Jawbone never ceases to amaze… this one practically unboxes itself and presents the new headset to you! I had to make a little video to show you just how fun it is! New in this latest bluetooth headset model, shake and tap controls ~ the latest in Noise Assassin technology ~ ability to listen to music/calls and more in HD ~ and more apps and updates to play with through MyTalk. Check out the video on the next page as well as more details!

Isn’t there something about how that monolithic box just pops up and shows off the headset?



Love that even the interior of the sleeve is red! era3.jpg





As usual, all of the accessories and details are efficiently and clearly presented to you… with pop up book style PULL tabs and all! era8.jpg

I love their continued mix of molded paper, printed paper, and cardboard… era9.jpg

How can you not Pull everywhere they tell you to? era10.jpg





Though it feels a little unecessary, there’s something fun about what the new accelerometer allows… era15.jpg

… adorable that they still remind you that it took “many months of research, design & engineering to perfect” the eco friendly packaging! era16.jpg

and p.s. rumor has it some Jawbone goodness will be coming to the Bowery Hotel soon as next month….

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