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Maximo Riera Octopus Chair- 01.12.11

octochair1.jpg WOW. Sometimes emails come in, sound too good to be true, then you click a link, and your jaw just drops. You can barely call Maximo Riera’s Octopus Chair, a chair. It’s more like an Octopus THRONE. This chair is first of a The Animal Chairs collection, consisting of more than 15 different pieces. A true art piece, it has evolved from sketches to 3D renders to CNC’d blocks which were assembled, glued, sanded, and painted by hand. A truly impressive artistic take on where the chair meets nature… one can only imagine what it must feel like to sit in such a throne! Or as Riera says “The Octopus Chair therefore becomes a powerful intersection of complex human design integrated with nature’s splendor.” Wow. You really must see more pictures of it (and the making of) on the next page.







And the making of! octochair8.jpg


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Great blog.

----- yolunda a.ş 15.12.12 09:12

I love this chair

----- kalitelihayat 14.11.12 05:17


----- HUMANOID 23.11.11 07:24

I love this chair! how many do you make and how much?

----- Jared Harris 29.07.11 18:58

THIS chair is really outstanding! Lovely to hear that it will be displayed on 100%design in London in September this years!!! Go for it!!!

----- Dirk 21.07.11 04:51

How much is this chair?! I would love to own this!

----- Val 16.01.11 09:37

Whatever the price, I’d buy this chair or Maximo Riera’s other chairs. Good job mate.

----- Erich Von Hampton 16.01.11 04:35

cool you hit it on the dot will submit to reddit

----- kiralık araç ankara 16.01.11 03:05

In his house at R’lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming

----- Dan 15.01.11 19:44

AKA: Throne of Lovecraft.

----- Recondite 14.01.11 15:56

I want that chair.

----- Edward 14.01.11 14:20

I love this chair! It would looks absolutely awesome in my piratey abode. Is it for sale?? I’d love to have one!

----- martin boots 13.01.11 21:41

wow! my god I want one of those!

----- az4rel 13.01.11 16:46

How much is this chair? Is it for sale? for auction? will there be more of this particular octopus chair available? I am extremely interested in acquiring it. Thanks.

----- Jeff MacKay 13.01.11 14:45

Yes, “functional.” This is like every terrible etsy jewelry project, in chair form.

----- Matt 13.01.11 14:04

This is fantastic! It is so rare these days to see such creativity. Who doesn’t dream of owning such unique furniture like this? Thank you for this refreshing art! I love it and will bw sharing the link with my friends!

----- Crystal 13.01.11 08:49

I just inquired about the price of the chair. WOW!

----- Jay 13.01.11 07:06

You should send this to PZ Myers ;)

----- Simon 13.01.11 06:05


----- XV 12.01.11 19:06

Wow what an interesting chair. They should have had one of those on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean for Bill Nighy to sit on when he played the organ.

----- Al 12.01.11 14:24


I love it!

----- Laura Young 12.01.11 13:56

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