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Rancho Valencia with Mercedes-Benz AMG- 01.14.11

rvalencia0.jpg Today has been kind of amazing in socal, 70 degrees and sunny in LA, and the perfect day to cruise down to San Diego to meet up with Mercedes-Benz AMG… came down a few hours early wanting to skip rush hour and get some work done… but it’s hard not to relax when you pull into the world of Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa in Rancho Santa Fe. So between conference calls and emails, how could i not share this HOUSE of a “room” i just checked into? So very california bungalow; comfy, cozy, and far too much space to have to myself! And truly, the perfect weather for what looks like it will shape up to be a glorious weekend to drive around with the new CLS 63 AMG. Take a peek inside my bungalow on the next page…

Pulling into the reception… rvalencia1.jpg

Cars teasingly parked in the special area… rvalencia2.jpg

Off to find my bungalow… rvalencia3.jpg

It’s like coming home! rvalencia4.jpg

Adorable, right? rvalencia5.jpg

Also, massive? rvalencia6.jpg

A hint of what’s to come… rvalencia7.jpg



Something so cozy about the fluffy bed, perfect lighting, and the exposed wood ceilings and that trunk at the foot of the bed… rvalencia9.jpg

Peeking out to the patio… rvalencia10.jpg

There’s even a tiny gate to get in! rvalencia11.jpg

View of the full back yard… rvalencia12.jpg

OH! and the bathroom… rvalencia13.jpg

… with walk in closet and vanity… rvalencia14.jpg

And a huge tub… but the funniest detail is the remote velcro’d to the side of the TV. rvalencia15.jpg


Ooooh and a breathtaking sunset just started… peek at it from the patio… as it sets over the pool! sunset.jpg

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Nice place, on my list to go for a weekend !!

----- eve Politanoff 15.01.11 09:25

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