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Reiko Kaneko’s The Boat- 01.18.11

boat1.jpg Lovely new piece from Reiko Kaneko for her 2011 collection, The Boat. Too cute that it got its name from the factory floor workers! The contrast of the natural fiber rope handle and the hand made English fine bone china is just stunning… perfect as a bread basket, fruit bowl, or anything else you dream up! See more pictures on the next page…


It has been a long time in the making but we’re delighted with “The Boat”. It was designed as a breadbasket but we think it would make a nice fruit bowl too.

The makers on the factory floor nicknamed it ‘the boat’ while it was being created, as they thought it resembled a Viking ship, and the name stuck!

Its nautical name inspired the handles, too, which are made from natural fibre rope that is spliced by hand, just as sail-makers and seafarers have done for thousands of years. We learnt the craft of rope-splicing especially for this! It’s not easy….

The bowl is handmade from English fine bone china in Stoke-on-Trent. Available in natural or black rope





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