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Urbanears Unboxing- 01.11.11

urbanears00.jpg We first looked at Urbanears a while back when their stunning color themed ads started circulating… then, their CES booth was hard to resist. Well now, in the same beautifully colorful, minimalist design… i couldn’t resist showing you the origami like unboxing experience and product details. So much attention to detail, and clean playful designs! It literally unfolds and presents itself to you. Love the matte boxes, and the soft touch details… the extra connectors… and the built in microphones mean you never need to miss a call! Take a peek at the unboxing of their Tanto and Plattan models on the next page!

Gorgeous, right? New colors every season for every whim. Each so enticing… urbanears0.jpg


the lids lift off to reveal nearly solid boxes… love the geometric look… urbanears3.jpg

As you open them, they present the headphones… urbanears4.jpg

… but wait! There’s more! urbanears5.jpg


Bonus adapters in little triangle boxes… urbanears7.jpg


A neutral stereo and a nokia plug… in matching colors of course! urbanears9.jpg

Nice details on how the Plattan can fold up… urbanears10.jpg

The details look and feel great… so many nice textures and materials… urbanears11.jpg


All models have a little Urbanears tag… urbanears13.jpg

… and the Tanto has a cute Y bulb detail. urbanears14.jpg

Back of the boxes have nice graphics too! urbanears15.jpg

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4 Notes

I own a pair of the plattan and I just love them.
They work well as iPhone handsfree, and also easy to switch to lsitening to music. My son steals them most times, but when he’s at school I am quite happy with them.

----- amelia Winger 17.01.11 16:59

That is the Aubergine color.

----- Princess 13.01.11 08:32

So cool and sexy !
But one question ;=
It’s the wine color or aubergine ?

----- Arnahud 13.01.11 01:45

Hey! I did an unboxing post about these a while back.
check it!> http://theoperablewindow.blogspot.com/2010/08/urbanears-plattan-headphones-unboxing.html

I have had them for a while now and that have served me well. They are eye catchers for sure, and in the dreary winters here in Chicago, there is nothing like a little color to spark things up.

----- Matthew Messner 11.01.11 22:33

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