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Futurama Season 5 Graphics- 02.22.11

newfut1.jpg Gorgeous sunny day out, package arrives full of impulse bought Futurama and Dexter’s Laboratory from a nostalgic cartoon watching session over the weekend while catching up on life - emails - the internet. And the graphics on the Futurama Season 5 packaging were too pretty not to share. As much as my instant gratification side loves downloading, there is a definite packaging loss to the experience! So take a peek at the fun details on the next page!







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Really like the 50s/Deco look! The bold colors can hold their own on a retail shelf next to busy artwork any day.

----- Marshall Baltzell 23.02.11 08:21

Oh My God! I need to have this for sure!

----- Liam 23.02.11 00:22

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