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Installation 7: Scion Art Tour- 02.19.11

installation1.jpg Beautiful opening tonight to kick off the 2011 series of exhibitions at the Scion Artspace LA in Culver City. First show of the season Installation 7: Video - (video trailer here) Challenging 10 artists to create 2-8min non-narrative video pieces, you can see some amazing original work from Franki Chan, David Choe, Cheryl Dunn, Gluekit, Matt Goldman, Cody Hudson & Jared Eberhardt, The London Police, Mackie Osborne, Souther Salazar and SSUR. If you’re in the area, definitely worth experiencing them in person ~ if not in LA, the tour is heading to Brooklyn end of March, Wichita end of April, Minneapolis beginning of June, and ends in Austin in July. Openings like these are enjoyable on so many levels… viewing the pieces larger than life with sounds mixing (there are three projections in the main room), viewing them on tvs with headphones in the back, and watching people watch them in wonder. It truly must be experienced… and then photos of the experience almost become a whole other experience to share! So get over there if you can, and take a peek at my view on the experience on the next page… from fun text over gorgeous scenery to people being slapped while they wait in the shower to pachelbel’s canon, to those crazy huge promotional balloon beings… you’ll see what i mean on the next page.






Not at all in order, here are some pics of pieces i loved…

Life Coach - A Collaborative Project by Cody Hudson (aka Struggle Inc.) and Jared Eberhardt installation6.jpg




Pals by The London Police You kind of watch confused as you see close ups of these faces with eyes closed, smiling, fidgeting… Pachelbel’s Canon playing… then SMACK. they get smacked. you hear the sounds. then the responses…




Art Dancers by Matt Goldman - “Embracing the childhood notion that whenever you’re not watching inanimate objects, they take on a life of their own, this video is an exploration of what these civic fixtures must all be doing on the holidays when every tire shop, mechanic, and linen outlet is closed and observing.”





Writer’s Block by SSUR… constant typing from super close up you zoom out more and more… constantly repeating “all work ad no play makes jack a dull boy”… till you see a live typed ascii art image of jack nicholson staring back at you from The Shining… installation18.jpg

It’s the faces watching people watch that bring another level of these pieces to life in the space… installation19.jpg


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