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Kahlúa Part III: The Lab! 96.2% Rum- 02.12.11

kahluarum.jpg So many pictures from the last week in Mexico with Kahlúa… first the adventures in the rainforest with coffee plants… then a look into the factory with the giant roasting and grinding machines… and this last part was just too amusing to me not to share. You know i love peeking into the labs and scientific parts of these places… sample liquids in plastic water bottles, glass beakers, and all that fun stuff… oh, and getting to taste the 192 proof sugarcane based rum that is blended with the coffee, sugar cane syrup, and more to make Kahlúa. Anyhow, go take a peek inside the lab on the next page!

Into the lab… intolab1.jpg

A very serious liqueur scientist at work… intolab2.jpg

Bottles of coffee/rum/sugar/etc being tested… intolab3.jpg

Sugar cane syrup! intolab4.jpg

Pure coffee from all those beans we saw earlier… intolab5.jpg

As requested… a chance to try some of the sugar cane rum that goes into the mix! intolab6.jpg

Out it comes… intolab7.jpg

And on the dare to try it… i had to! therum.jpg

Ridiculously strong… but so sweet, it actually smells sweet (and not like rubbing alcohol), though at that strength it certainly made your tongue a bit tingly!

Sadly, we didn’t get a chance to see the bottling in progress, but on other random fun facts to leave you with… you should try Kahlúa mixed with Horchata. It is DELICIOUS and refreshing… also for unexpected surprises that aren’t bad… try shots of it with jameson or absinthe. Really!

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