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Northern Lighting’s Evergreen- 02.03.11

lamp1.jpg Northern Lighting’s latest addition is Evergreen, by designers Vibeke Skar and Jens Praet, though first presented in milan last year, it’s making the rounds again during the Stockholm Furniture Fair in Sweden now. With a classic pendant shape, i love that it is hand blown glass, giving it such an elegant glow, and the mount is a pulley attached to the ceiling and you simply figure eight the cord around the other fixture to secure it. And it really caught my eye to see the making of pic appear in my inbox this morning! See more pictures of it on the next page!

The official bit:

“An echo from the industrialization”

Evergreen is a collection of height adjustable pendant lamps. In designing this new contemporary series, Vibeke Skar and Jens Praet refer strongly to industrial evergreen elements - creating a new light medium that emphasises the golden age of global industrialisation and the beauty of forgotten classic design icons. Evergreen consists of a series of lamps of different sizes, available in either black or white. The mouth blown glass lampshades are sandblasted, creating a diffuse kind of transparency. The iconographic hanging system consists of pulleys that are used to adjust the height, and a wall fastener for the lamp and its cable. A ceiling socket is supplied as a hanging option. The accessories are made from satinized nickel.

Evergreen creates a dynamic yet highly functional light experience, featuring an iconic design that suits almost every kind of space.






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3 Notes

I love these lamps!!!

----- Ove 05.02.11 03:13

These are delightful

----- Charlie 03.02.11 15:30

Can you give us more detail about the interesting frontiers in the last photo?


----- Ted 03.02.11 12:47

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