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Operation Window Seat: LAX-MEX-VER- 02.07.11

aeromex0.jpg Adventures with Kahlua begin today, car came to fetch me for the airport when it was still dark… hopped on a plane to Mexico City, and the change in scenery happened so quickly… from Mexico City (awesomely mesmerizing circles at the airport) after a few delays… hopped a tiny plane to Veracruz (which had some crazy windiness, trouble landing, and ended up circling out in the Gulf of Mexico… check out the insane white caps in the pics!)… then hopped in a suburban for another 2 hours out to Coatapec near Xalapa… where we quickly joined the rest of the group who had been hanging out at the 150 year old Cantina for a good chunk of the afternoon. So before i pass out from quite the surreal travel day… take a peek at the latest Operation Window Seat! Still inspires and fascinates me to no end to see the world fly by far below, and all the patterns and textures and colors that emerge…



I couldn’t stop staring at these sponge like sand dune things? aeromex3.jpg

And these windy patterns were like huge creature tracks in the sandy landscape… aeromex4.jpg



Flying right over/through Mexico City… aeromex7.jpg

… so colorful! aeromex8.jpg

Beautiful the way it’s terraced… aeromex9.jpg

Mountains peeking through the clouds on the other side of the plane… aeromex10.jpg

From afar it almost looked like ocean… till you get closer and realize the cloud cover is so incredibly thick! aeromex11.jpg

Then came the white caps in the gulf… aeromex12.jpg

The wind really was no joke! aeromex13.jpg




… and the rays of sunshine popping through the clouds were nothing short of awe inspiring… particularly when they light up a tiny patch of land SO brightly. aeromex17.jpg


I have a feeling we’ll be finding out more about these bushy (enormous!) trees tomorrow as we explore the coffee fields… but they were adorable from above, until you realize how tiny houses and cars look next to them! aeromex19.jpg

And here’s a peek at the church and town square in Cotapec on the way back from dinner/cantina… aeromex20.jpg


… sweet dreams!

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