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Rosemary Anrude at Interiors- 02.01.11

woody.jpg Justine went to check out the Birmingham Interiors 2011 show ~ and brought back some awesome pics ~ here’s her next post!

Another find at Interiors 2011, was the work of Rosemary Anrude! It’s hard not to be drawn right over to her booth showing off trestles and stools, a line of furniture that uses wooden threads and maple trestles for playful nuts and bolts furniture. It brings the little kid right out of you. In fact, biggest problem with this furniture line might be resisting the impulse to decon/reconstruct it all. See more pics on the next page!


Here are a few more images of Rosemary’s work from her website: rosemaryanrude.jpg



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These are so wonderful! I was just helping my husband build some scaffolding (in the freezing cold) for a project he is working on and admired all the nuts and blots. Wish I had a set of these to play with!

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