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Coava Kone Coffee Filter + Maker- 03.31.11

cone0.png Coava has a gorgeous coffee filter and glass coffee maker! (And the photos are gorgeous too!) The Coava Kone Coffee Filter is a “Stainless steel filter designed for use in Chemex® and other pour over style coffee makers (including Hario). Designed with the goal to produce a sustainable filter that also brewed excellent coffee. Locally designed and manufactured entirely in the USA.” The Chemex Glass Handle Coffee Maker is stunning as well! Check out more pics on the next page…





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Really cool. However, once you might need something to remove the kone once you served your coffee. I doubt that would be possible with your hands while its still hot. And second, I doubt the water would have time to mix with the coffee without a paper filter. But nice design

----- Joseph 01.04.11 09:41

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