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Le Royal Monceau: The Room- 03.25.11

royal0b.jpg Ok, first you got a kaleidoscopic tour of the bathroom at my room here in Le Royal Monceau, Paris. Well, are you ready to see room #620 that goes with it? From the faces in the sheets… to the mind boggling parisian map on the desk… to the silver on the outside, pink on the inside “good” vs “bad” mirrored minibar… to the guitar in the corner… tv hidden behind the one way mirror… and the Royal Monceau Pizza from room service with Iberico, mmmm… art on all the walls… there is so much care taken in each and every detail of the room… take a peek at the pics on the next page to soak it all in!


As you pop through the huge door… royal1.jpg

the suite gives is so filled with visual, creative goodness to get you inspired… royal2.jpg

The bed IS as divinely poofy as it looks… royal3.jpg

Bedside notes… retro alarm clock… modern phone… royal9.jpg

There pillows are distinctly his… and hers… though all the other pillows behind have different faces as well…. royal8.jpg

And as you peel back the silky top blanket, you find his/her heads together on the duvet! royal17.jpg

Guitar and silver stump waiting for you to sit down under the light and play… royal4.jpg

Mirrored minibar pulling you in… royal5.jpg

Something so fun about the surprising burst of pink! royal6.jpg

As it makes you choose between “Good” and “Bad” ~ as if that’s even a choice… royal7.jpg

Sweet treats awaiting upon arrival… royal11.jpg

On hidden surprises ~ their logo is even behind the couch cushions! royal12.jpg

So playful the way all of their print materials are… this is a peek at the room service booklet… royal16.jpg

Highly suggest the delicious Royal Monceau Pizza ~ and the mushroom soup was SO good… royal14a.jpg

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