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PERRIER-JOUËT: 200th Anniversary Party- 03.24.11

pjparty0.jpg This weekend ~ to kick off spring and celebrate the 200th Anniversary of Boutique champagne house, Perrier-Jouët, they brought 200 people from around the globe to the Ecole des Beaux-Arts… what a beautiful space! Skip the red carpet for a Perrier-Jouët grassy green path… and upon entering, you encounter a mysterious box popped up in the center of the cavernous space covered in projections… and surrounded by flowing bubbly and black and white old hollywood glam Harcourt Studio photos specially commissioned for the gala showing important people and someone they are passing their legacy to, and the Daniel Arsham limited edition piece to go with this concept. The surroundings were surreal to say the least, you must see a video on the next page of the projections from within, as well as all the lovely details!

The glow of the sky was just perfect… pjparty1.jpg

… especially paired with the green carpet… pjparty2.jpg

Everyone emerged through the white curtains… pjparty3.jpg

Perrier-Jouët awaiting. pjparty3a.jpg

The contrast of the stunning art and architecture of the Beaux Arts with the history and legacy of Perrier-Jouët was fascinating… pjparty4.jpg


For the first few hours we floated around the mysterious box covered with projections… pjparty6.jpg

And when dinner was ready, the box opened… screens lifting to expose a garden of tables awaiting… pjparty7.jpg

200 guests to celebrate 200 years! pjparty8.jpg

A delicious pairing of Perrier-Jouëtpjparty9.jpg

Then the box closed back up and it was surreal… pjparty10.jpg

… projections going on all sides! pjparty11.jpg

This video gives you a peek at the experience (starting once i realized photos didn’t do it justice!) ~ hop around through the video to get a feel of the few minute experience…

Food was served and often prepared around the tables… pjparty13.jpg

I love the different flutes of Perrier-Jouët over the years! pjparty12.jpg

Suddenly the screens came down again… and music started! pjparty14.jpg

Gold glitter chunks rained from the sky… pjparty15.jpg


And the party closed with a set from V V Brown! pjparty17.jpg


Happy 200th, Perrier-Jouët!!!

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