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PERRIER JOUËT: Vintage Safe- 03.23.11

jail0.jpg So many experiences and pictures i’m dying to share with you about adventures with Perrier Jouët from the last few days, but a full day without WeeeFeee (wifi sounds like that in french! i love it!) and i’m in slight withdrawl, so silly, fun posts first! Yesterday while explore the caves in Epernay, we ended the tour of where the champagne is stored in the beautiful new vault of a room to house the special 100 magnums of ‘98 waiting to be “passed on” as part of the limited edition collaboration series with Daniel Arsham, but more on that later. For now… you HAVE to see this amazing vintage safe they moved from their main offices into the space to hold the certificates for the bottle holders… the 4 dials have alphabets on them! And the key holes are covered by fire breathing dragons! And when it opens, the doors are even thicker than they appear! OH, and the KEY… it looks like a rocket launcher… absolutely amazing! So take a peek at all the details on the next page!

Quite jail like isn’t it? But it looks like a magical oasis within… jail1.jpg


Incombustible! We’ll have to look into when this safe was made more later… by G & H. Bauche in Reims… jail4.jpg

The alphabet backwards reads like FED CRAZY… (except its a B… but you see what i mean!) jail5.jpg

The fire breathing dragon that covers the keyhole… jail6.jpg

Quite possibly one of the most amazing keys i’ve ever seen… jail7.jpg

And after a bit of peer pressure, the incredibly kind cellar master indulged my giddiness and OPENED the safe! He’s the only one with the key and code… jail8.jpg

Inside there are even two more alphabet dials! jail9.jpg

… and another keyhole for the space below… jail10.jpg


A peek at the cellar master and the new Daniel Arsham piece to house these special magnums… jail12.jpg

The 100 bottles awaiting their owners… jail13.jpg

And of course, to end our adventures in the Perrier Jouët caves, we indulged in some deliciousness from the ‘98 Magnum of Belle Epoque… jail14.jpg

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