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Petite Lap Giraffes- 03.25.11

giraffe1.jpg Petite Lap Giraffes! They have their own website!!! If you follow my silliness on twitter / Life.NOTCOT, you’ve probably noticed my post way back when i couldn’t resist screenshotting the DirecTV ad with the creepy russian and his adorable teeny tiny giraffe! Well, DirecTV, has given them their own website, complete with “giraffe cam”! Petite Lap Giraffes!!! Take a peek at some screenshots and also the two DirecTV ads on the next page!





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i want one but i dont think my dad will let me have one unless it is free i would want to have one i am good with animals and i can give it hugs and kisses every day i love giraffes my phone has a giraffe as a screen saver and a wall paper i would love to have one but i don’t know how much it is please get back to me asap please

----- cheyanne elam 22.01.14 13:39

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