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Tool Notebooks With Holes- 03.29.11

notebook1.jpg On things that look like one thing but are really other things, these notebooks i found at Merci while in Paris are just that. From Japanese stationery line, D-Bros ~ these notebooks have images of tools on them… particularly tools that can hang! And then there is a hole so you can hang the notebooks as if hanging the tool… with hammers, scissors, paint brushes, shovels, and even ladles… they look great hanging in your office! While black and white on the covers, they are colorful within, with dotted pages in blue, yellow, pink. Check out the details of the hammer and scissor ones on the next page!

A cell phone pic of the display in Merci… shelf.jpg

Close up with the two i gave in to… notebook2.jpg





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Love these notebooks! What a versatile wall decoration!

----- Tiffa 01.04.11 10:41

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