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Acronym: Jacket Sling + Details- 04.08.11

acronym1.jpg I’ve been lusting after an Acronym jacket for so long now… ok, after Pieter from Today and Tomorrow’s specific Acronym jacket, in sleek simple black, awesome fabric/cut and detailing… and i was totally drawn in a few years ago by the Jacket Sling feature when he had it just casually slung across his back (nicer with the black interior than the picture of another model above)… well, running in to him again in Berlin, and poking at some of the current collection at Firmament, reminded me to share it here! So take a peek at the new ACR-SS-11 Set 1, with a jacket with removable sleeves that packs down into a perfect little bag… notice how even the ear buds have a magnetic little patch near the neck? So many incredible little details! Also awesome is the ACR-SS-11 3A-9TS which is a laptop “tote bag” that will stay upright, and has support straps to help manage the weight! Take a peek at them up close on the next page!

A peek at how it all fits into the perfect little pouch… acronym2.jpg


Of course the branding is removable… and love the watch zip! The way it twists! acronym4.jpg ACR-SS-11 3A-9TS acronym5.jpg

How the cross chest strap works… acronym6.jpg

See? Oh, Acronym, i can’t stop lusting after your jackets! I can’t help but dream of what a collaboration between this German team and Triple Aught Design would be like! Swoon

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