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2012 Bentley Continental GT - Details- 04.30.11

bgt.jpg An “Orange Flame” 2012 Bentley Contintental GT was dropped off for the weekend ~ and it is one seriously bright car. It is especially gorgeous in the stunning sunshine this weekend! If you recall, the Continental GT even inspired the shape of the case of the 007 Carte Blanche Limited Edition. Having peeked into the Bentley Factory via Ultimate Factories, it’s been fun to leisurely poke at all the tiny details… with Imperial Blue Leather and orange contrast stitching, logos hidden just about everywhere you may not have even imagined, fun knobs and compartments, there’s much to explore, and so many beautiful details as you dive deeper. SO! I thought i’d share my favorites with you ~ take a peek at the little design details tucked all around this new 2012 Bentley Contintental GT on the next page!

p.s. The image above ~ i adore the way the windows create such a sleek opening when down…


there’s something about the wings that make it feel like it might just take off… bgt2.jpg

Some seem to find the front lights reminiscent of gatling guns… or even eyelash like? bgt3.jpg

The stunning orange kept mesmerizing me even in the door hinges… bgt4.jpg

… and under the hood bgt5.jpg

The pattern of the grill… bgt6.jpg

On those tiny details ~ how adorable is the tire valve cap? bgt7.jpg



Check out the pedals ~ bgt10a.jpg

Hopped in the back seat to check out the feel and view! bgt11.jpg

Something so satisfying about these ~ pull to open the A/C vents - push to close. bgt12.jpg

A little graphic shows you exactly which door is open… bgt12a.jpg

Breitling helps you tell the time… bgt12b.jpg

Even the emergency reflector holder is branded… bgt13.jpg

… and how pretty is the oil cap? bgt14.jpg

That’s some orange - isn’t it? bgt9.jpg

I know ~ i still haven’t shown you the full car ~ but there’s something more fun about focusing on the details before getting lost in the bright orange exterior first!

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