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Bompas & Parr’s Chocolate Waterfall- 04.21.11

chocofall000.jpg It seems i left london just a few days too early… luckily Justine was able to experience the wonka-esque waterfall of chocolate for us! Check out her adventures below…

Our friends Bompas & Parr are at it again, just in time for Easter. When I heard they were creating a five tonne chocolate waterfall in the middle of Whiteleys Shopping Centre in London, I had to check it out.

As I made my way to waterfall, I could smell the chocolate. It seemed surreal that what looked like a simple storefront could house a five tonne waterfall of chocolate, but the heady, overpowering scent of cocoa suggested we were in for a real treat… you won’t believe your eyes when you see the madness they set up (and the souvenir you get to bring home too!) ~ pictures and video on the next page!


There was much excitement and quite a few nerves about how our cameras would fare passing through a room flooded with chocolate. Like so many Bompas & Parr events, much of the proceedings were shrouded with mystery. There was talk of protective suits and umbrellas. As we waited, we were offered lovely cocktails of ginger beer and Hendrick’s gin served in the gorgeous Hendrick’s teacups we spotted at Waitrose last week.



Then through the looking glass and into their surreal world we fell…



When it was time to go in, we donned our plastic parkas in the first room,…


… then dutifully sanitized our hands in an eerie blue room.


We next walked through a cloud of pink, before topping off our safety equipment with shoe covers.


Then it was time for the waterfall in all its chocolatey glory. Simple stunning! This enormous quantity of chocolate filled an entire room and cascaded through the waterfall with an astonishing flow rate of 12,000 litres per hour.




After crossing a bridge through the room of chocolate, we had the chance to bottle up some of our own warm chocolate from the falls to make our elixirs.



I chose to add cinnamon and frankincense to my mix, although juniper berries were also offered. The chocolate itself is said to be flavored with hints of plum, red wine and earth, so the flavors should meld together beautifully.

We capped our bottles of chocolate elixir, then made our way back into the mall, a most surreal experience!


The bottle says to let the elixir infuse for 48 hours, so I’ll have to report back on the taste, but until then, feast your eyes on these photos and videos from this surreal experience!



The event runs through the long weekend, but it looks like most of the tickets are already gone!


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