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Compost Distiller by Lisa Johansson- 04.15.11

compostdistiller.jpg It’s hard not to be drawn in glass bubblers, plants, and large canisters mysteriously hooked up… spotted out in Ventura Lambrate in Milan, this is the Compost Distiller by Lisa Johansson from the Royal College of Art. The unit is no ordinary compost bin. The beautiful system turns plant-based waste into biofuel, soil nutrients and compost. Unlike your typical composter, the unit includes subsections for both fermentation and distillation processes between the bin and garden composter, allowing you to harness more energy and nutrients in the waste before it becomes soil. See more about how this contraption works as well as close ups on the next page!


How’s it actually work?

A few official images from the designer, Lisa Johansson’s and a great video explaining how it all works!





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Nice idea, but she clearly did not even do a test run. Ethanol evaporates very easily, so that bottle under the distiller will never get filled.

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