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The Devil’s Pet Candle- 04.12.11

candlecat1.jpg From the Royal College of Art, The Devil’s Pet candle by Thorunn Arnadottir… melt the adorable pink polygon cat to reveal its rather more sinister skeleton beneath… it’s eerie, a bit creepy, and i couldn’t stop staring. Close ups on the next page!




Pic of it burning from Devil’s Pet site -


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Do or will they come in other colours? This is such a great idea and would look great in my home! Must, must have!

----- Olivia 02.04.13 06:55

Hi! I’m the creator of The Devil’s Pet. Thanks for the lovely comments! I’m glad to tell you that the creature will finally be available within the next few weeks! If you would like to be among the first ones to receive updates on when and where it will be for sale, then you can subscribe to it’s dedicated newsletter here: http://eepurl.com/uR8I9.

----- Thorunn 05.03.13 14:39

Would love to buy one of these candles, are they available for sale?
Great idea :-)

----- Marion 21.02.13 13:53

This is absolutely amazing. Is there any way I can buy one? You know this frontpaged both Reddit and Imgur right?

----- Wolf 13.02.13 05:06

Really happy to see such a nice art work here. The way he design candles in the shape of devils pet looks great. Thanks for share your work with us.

----- cat towers 07.02.13 21:23

I want one so bad! Stuff like that really catches my eye, I wish I could own a few!

----- Miranda 12.01.13 13:28

I love that it eventually swims in a pool of its own melted flesh. ^_^

----- DVS 18.05.11 19:47

Can I have one? Please?

----- Sammi 16.04.11 20:52

I want one.. Is there anyway I can buy one? O:

----- Mexican Zombies 16.04.11 14:56

This is really creative, never thought a candle could be this fascinating!

----- Jennifer 13.04.11 16:59

Whoa, that is ultra-creepy! And yet, beautiful in the last shot too. Sadly only a concept piece. *sigh*

----- The Slapster 12.04.11 20:43

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