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Ultimate Gadgets for Grilling- 04.20.11

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Just bounced through Berlin, Milan, and London before landing home and being up and jetlagging in LA this morning ~ and it has been grilling weather EVERYWHERE! In parks, on balconies, in yards, it’s been fabulously sunny around the globe! Remember the customizable multifunctional Molenkitchen we discovered recently? Or all the research on
the Ultimate Grill we did a few years back? Well today, Marcia and Leo have found some of the awesomest grilling accessories you (or your favorite griller in need of some gifting love) just might need! So fun, designy, and creating some unusual grilled treats… check it all out on the next page!


Before you can start cooking, you’ll need fire! Squeezing a bunch of lighter fluid on top of the coals can be a little fun, but it adds a weird smell and taste to the food. For those who want to grill it up right, the Eva Solo Grill Starter will get the grill going without the gas. The gorgeous stainless steel chimney has a black handle that stays cool enough to touch. Another way to go is Weber Firestarter Lighter Cubes. Stick ‘em under the charcoal, and the whole thing lights quickly without fluid. Of course, whether you use a starter or lighter cubes, it’s more fun to go high-tech when it comes to the actual lighting of the coals. Just touch the tip of the Looftlighter Electric Fire Lighter to your coals or wood and it blows a hot airstream to immediately start the blaze (1256 degrees Fahrenheit, to be exact).

grill1.jpg OK, so you have fire … now to make sure you use it right.

The Steak Button Thermometer tells you when your steak hits rare, medium and well-done temperatures. The Thermometer Fork does double duty, telling you the internal temperature of all kinds of meat and then serving as a fork.


Going more high-tech than simple thermometers, there’s the iGrill, a grilling thermometer AND iPad/iPod touch/iPhone app that communicates your meat’s status to you via a long-range Bluetooth connection so you don’t have to hover.


Oh, and, grilling isn’t just for the day time! The Outset magnetic light for BBQ tools attaches easily to most tools and swivels in any direction. Or you can use the Steven Raichlen LumaTong with LED Light. If that’s not enough light for you, there’s always the Charcoal Companion LED Triple Grill Light ~ like mini stadium lights for your barbecue!


Day or night, you can basically grill everything with a little help. Handy tools like the Corn Griller Basket let the corn pick up the special barbecue flavor without sticking to the grill. The Chef’s Press helps food cook faster and more efficiently by weighting it evenly on the grill. While a Hot Dog and Sausage Griller makes it quick and easy to flip several things at once. Even meatballs can benefit from grilling, with help from a Meatball Grill Basket.

grill5.jpgThere’s even a humidifier for your meat! Fill the Charcoal Companion Moistly Grilled Cast Iron Humidifiers with water, beer or whatever liquid you want and steam is released, adding moisture, flavors and keeping meat naturally tender.


If you want to get crazy and stuff one thing with other things and then grill it, I say go for it! The Jalapeño Pepper Roaster lets you give peppers that smoky flavor without burning them.


If you’re using a marinade for flavor, the Steven Riachlen Marinade Spray Bottle will apply a fine layer of flavor to all your grillables ~ with a handy side-view window to show you when you’re running low. If you’d rather brush, you don’t have to decided between silicon or bristle thanks to the 2-in-1 Brush. If you have a gas grill but still want the essence of aromatic wood chips on your food, a Stainless Steel Smoker Box turns any grill into a smoker.


Gadgets to the rescue when it comes to clean up time! Grillfloss (top left) is a slick little tool for cleaning all sides of the grill grate. The Grill Daddy tool and pro brush (bottom left) have a little water reservoir so you can get an assist from steam when scrubbing away. Meanwhile, there’s also a Cordless BBQ Cleaner (right) with rotating bristles for extra cleaning action.

How can you put your grill and these gadgets to use? Take some cooking inspiration from Tasteologie.

roundup tasteologie #941 tasteologie #1666 tasteologie #677 tasteologie #1940 tasteologie #1070 tasteologie #976 tasteologie #3769 tasteologie #5193 tasteologie #1293 tasteologie #1080

To find out more about each recipe, click on its individual image.

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