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Vanessa Harden Seed Pills- 04.26.11

seeds0.jpg Seed Pills! It seems like such a natural fit ~ everyone should be prescribed some seed pills to do their part and add a little more green to our world! Another project we encountered as part of the Selfridges’ GROW Concept Store and Guerilla Gardening Windows - Vanessa Harden’s seed pills. In addition to these clear pill capsules filled with seeds (which are purchasable in store), she has designed a series of “Subversive Gardener” concepts to do everything from launch the seeds from an umbrella’s top (as seen in her window display) or a bag to drill holes into the ground or a camera to launch seeds… as well as a “Horticulturalist Series” with seeds shooting out of a gun, or a walking stick… and more! Gel capsules with tiny seeds - melting down dispersed throughout the world, the idea of prescribing more green is just what some of us need! Take a peek on the next page…




The Horticulturalist - Inspired by the Victorian era, this collection of artefacts uses the aesthetic of the 19th century to imagine a past with guerrilla gardeners. How would the Victorians have masked the illicit sowing of seeds? Had it been as underground then as it is today, guerrilla gardener would have needed secret ways of distributing plants and flowers. This family of products investigates the accessories worn by men and women and transforms these into clandestine gardening tools. These products are based around the seedpill - a newer version of the seed bomb, which combines the efficacy of the seed bomb with a cleaner, smaller and more discreet design.

seeds4.jpg The Pill Box - These pill cases and snuff boxes open to reveal an array of various seedpills that can be discreetly dropped at any time, seeming like innocent pastilles to curious passersby.



seeds7.jpg The Chatelaine - Based on the original ornament that was traditionally worn by housekeepers, this chatelaine slides open to reveal a container which holds seedpills rather than being a household appendage.

seeds8.jpg The Pistol - Harking back to the days of dueling, here the pistol acts as a seed dibber with the ammunitions located to the side of the barrel.


seeds10.jpg The Walking Stick - Once a staple in most gentlemen’s wardrobe, this walking stick not only serves as a fashion accessory, but also as a container for seedpills that are dropped from the bottom end of the cane.

See more pics at Vanessa Harden’s Flickr!

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