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Bentley Glasses Case- 05.02.11

bgt-glasses0.jpg Perhaps the most intriguing (and portable) accessory in the Bentley was the glasses case. I’m hesitant to even call it a sunglass case, since the size definitely didn’t fit most of my sunglasses (and no they aren’t THAT huge!) ~ perhaps its most suited for smaller sun glasses and reading/driving glasses? But it has the same wood that covers the whole dash, complete with Bentley logo of course… and it snaps in perfectly to the cup holder in the center dash. When you raise the arm rests you can even open it in place, or take it with you to go. The interior of the case has matching leather to the seats (in this case Imperial Blue). Anyhow, take a peek at the close ups on the next page ~ as far as dashboards gone mobile, i am strangely drawn to having some of that beautiful woody root ball veneer outside of the car!








As for that wood… remember the root balls they came from? ball4.jpeg

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What is the price of the Bentley Continental GT glasses case ??

----- Harry Chojna 16.05.11 19:14

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