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High Res Arm Chair Traveling- 05.10.11

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It’s absolutely amazing what you can see through the window of your computer these days. I won’t lie ~ my high res camera has definitely been my third eye when i’m out and about. Coming home and taking images off my Canon 5D Mark II, I ALWAYS find details i could not have possibly seen with my naked eye ~ at events, off in the horizon, tiny details… it’s unbelievable. Now take that even further… there’s an awe inspiring trend of super high res imagery from view points around the world. With sites like Paris 26 Gigapixels, 360 Cities, Gigapan, and more - the world is literally at your fingertips to spin around, and zooooooooooom into! Think of these as panoramas on steroids ~ with super vision? Take a peek at a few examples of Paris, Dresden, London, and Alpstein on the next page!

PARIS! paris1.jpg


Dresden! dresden1.jpg

Full screen mode really makes your screen a super window! dresden2.jpg


London! london1.jpg


Alpstein! alps1.jpg


Surreal isn’t it? Sometimes reality really is more awesome than fictional worlds we can dream up… hard to believe a few years ago we weren’t able to capture and preserve such incredible imagery with the push of a button…

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