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Delirious Impressionist Sailing- 05.31.11

wet1.jpg It’s like gorgeously mesmerizing artwork, no? Now imagine it constantly moving… I was too shaky to make a video of it for you, but believe me, it was mesmerizingly trippy and beautiful… amongst a strange 2 days. Not sure where to start ~ but i think i was mostly horizontal for about 48 hours on that Mercedes-Benz sailboat trip… and for those of you who got curious and have been asking if things were ok once they saw the posts on Mike Horn’s blog from the adventure… i get why you were worried now! Anyhow ~ after a super rough ~48 hours… which ended up being some massive mix of hibernation/seasickness for most on board (except of course for our fearless adventurer hosts!) Don’t worry, it all ends with some gloriously gorgeous shots as we sail under the Golden Gate at sunrise… a dozen or so hours later than expected (and of course, far more pics of that later). And right after that, i hopped back on the road and cruised back down to LA! So having left LA saturday morning, reached SF by Monday dawn, and back by late afternoon ~ what a whirlwind to say the least… so on where to start ~ how about what’s still stuck in my head tonight? Some delirious views of how i saw the world while drifting in and out of so many trippy dreams and inspiring conversations… and LOTS of water? Rolling in and out of sleep ~ being picked up by massive waves that would suddenly DROP the whole boat (and you along with it) creating the strangest sensation of gravity-free dreaming, only to catch you again? (Yea, brain trying to rationalize scattered series of those ended up interesting in dreams…) So, ready to see the crazy part? To the next page!






I actually woke up, panicked i missed sunset, and grabbed my camera to snap a bunch of these views only to realize sharing the chaos wasn’t something fun to share… and lying back down. wet8.jpg

But going through my pictures, do love these messy drips and streaks as the water and waves crashed so hard along the side of the boat distorting the rails… if that were a seismographic printout, i doubt it would be too far from how our trip felt! wetlast.jpg

As for what i caught up on AFTER catching up on calls and text messages upon reaching land… i now see how you guys figured out how rough it was! wet10.jpg

Anyhow ~ that’s my post on the delirious majority of the time on the sailboat… surreal glowy pics to come next ~ but so needed to get these out of my system before i got some sleep!!! (Yes, i’m STILL tired after the 48 hour hibernation/zen-nap-filled adventure and the drive back down!)

Morning ~ here’s a sneak peek at how it ended… more to come after i get through sorting pics and stuff… i think i felt like i was still on the boat the whole time i was sleeping last night… ugh! theend.jpg

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