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FruitCity ~ Public Fruit in London- 05.26.11

fruitmap0.jpgJust in from the UK ~ Justine just checked out Clerkenwell Design Week!

Love this project, FruitCity by Vahakn Design Studio. I discovered the project at Federal Office’s Political Objects exhibition at Clerkenwell Design Week, but found so much more about the project online!

The project is all about taking advantage of a shared community resource, fruit! There is a growing map and network of all the fruit trees in public spaces in London created by the FruitCity team. Who knew you could pick your own mulberries, figs, apples, pears and more!

In addition the map, the project includes three objects for urban fruit farmers: an extendable picking arm, a picking backpack and mobile cider press and a fantastic photos series to show them off.

Such a great community project! Angelenos should check out Fallen Fruit for LA fruit maps.

Here are a few great shots from the Vahakn Design Studio, check out a demo of these tools in action on their site too! fruitmap1.jpg


Here’s how I discovered the project at Federal Office’s Political Objects exhibition. fruitmap5.jpg


Love this annotated London map! Even my local ‘secret’ tree was marked! fruitmap7.jpg


You can add your own finds and check for nearby fruit trees on the Fruit City website. fruitmap10.jpg


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Loved the fruit city idea, I would love to do the same for my locality too.. Would encourage people to grow more trees and put on their garden hats!!


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