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PCH Santa Monica Views at Night- 05.28.11

pch1.jpg It’s a little absurd that it takes Mercedes-Benz inviting me to a German press trip that starts with a night in the Shangri-La in Santa Monica… to take my camera out and get some new perspectives on a place blocks from where i spent the first 5 years of my life… and minutes from my current house. But it also seemed too perfect not to show you some fun car shots too! So i wandered out after dinner across to the park and to one of the bridges that goes over PCH tonight, and i forgot how absolutely mesmerizing it is staring out at the views and the cars zooming past you in both directions. Take a peek on the next page…




Yes, thats where i was perched… pch6.jpg

Wandering towards the incline… had to stop to take in the views of home… pch7.jpg

mmm the iconic views of the santa monica incline… pch8.jpg

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Great shoot, Jean. One of my favorite vistas in the city. It’s ghostly and awesome at night. Reminds me of sneaking out of my house in Westlake Village and crusing to the city!

----- Zack 01.06.11 16:42

Love that shot of the cars on PCH at night

----- stacy 28.05.11 17:00

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