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Red: Metal Rouge meets Mars Red- 05.11.11

louboutin0.jpg The color of the day has inadvertently become: RED! This morning Mercedes dropped off a Mars Red 2011 Mercedes-Benz C63 for me to play with ~ and i happened to need to take a little drive down to South Coast Plaza to go see some Louboutins… (which, as you can see, i clearly gave in to). And as i excitedly unboxed them in the car, i realized the signature Louboutin red sole matches Mercedes Mars Red far too well. And… i could not resist, but had to shoot the unboxing IN and ON the car! (I’m liking this unboxing on cars thing… remember the Bentley/Toy shoot?) So if you’re ready for some red… take a peek at the unboxing of the Louboutin Elisa 100 Metal Patent in Rouge and the Mars Red C63 on the next page!

louboutin1.jpg I could barely get out of the car before peeking into the bag again…

louboutin2.jpg There’s something i’ve always loved about Louboutin’s in your face shoe bags… and the adorable mini with extra heels…

louboutin3.jpg Mmmmm… don’t they make you want to click your heels together?

louboutin4.jpg The reds…

louboutin5.jpg See? The soles flow right in to the hood…

louboutin7.jpg I’ve always wondered about how to get shots from below an object easily… SUNROOF!

louboutin8.jpg They just melt right into one another…

louboutin9.jpg And amazing shadows! Paired with a little carbon fiber…

louboutin10.jpg They even match the brakes.

Now, in all seriousness, isn’t it about time a car comes with limited edition matching shoes? Porsche did that Rimowa luggage ~ why not the whole set? Shoes, Luggage, Nail Polish - all matching the paint job? I don’t like to over match, but sometimes that perfect metallic red, silver, grey could be AMAZING. Hmmmm, Mercedes? It’d be an incredible collaboration!

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3 Notes

Those Louboutins are gorgeous! Have to be honest and say I wasn’t paying much attention to the car because of them. Serious props for getting the four inchers.

----- Becky 13.05.11 07:07

Haha ~ enmanuel ~ you got me. More car posts right now mostly b/c i’m actually home in LA for longer than usual, so more time to experiment on the road, instead of constantly traveling! :) And it’s been fun experimenting with shooting them more like giant products to check out the design details of!

----- Jean/NOTCOT 11.05.11 21:00

In al seriousness what’s with the cars, deciding your next ride? My opinion, go for the C63 the Bentley is too flashy.

----- Enmanuel 11.05.11 19:37

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