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Pinch Food Design- 05.11.11

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On amazing combinations, there’s something awesomely multisensory about the realm of Food Design ~ particularly when it involves not only the food and experience but specially design products to help present them as well! Enter Pinch Food Design from New York - “a bold new brand of catering powered by a state-of-the-art kitchen and design workshop devoted solely to the creation of one-of-a-kind “food furniture.” Led by the groundbreaking chef/designer duo of Bob Spiegel and TJ Girard, the Pinch team is driven by an uncompromising commitment to incite surprise, anticipation and delight with every bite while wowing our clients - and their guests - with imaginative presentation combinations that redefine the art of celebration.” Fun, right? I love the idea of seeing everything from plates and serving ware as “food furniture”! Above is the Apple Cider Donut selection on Spoke tray ~ with each one perfectly presented! Take a peek at more of their creations on the next page…

donut2.jpg Fava Bean and Mint in… Cucumber maybe? Each on their own pedestals of sorts ~ love the mix of wood and white for this Walnut Matrix.

donut3.jpg Nicoise Salad in a tray complete with honeycomb cut out insert to keep them from slipping about!

donut4.jpg Spin! Peanut butter funnel cake on one side, concord grape panna cotta on the other!

donut5.jpg Service plate balanced on top of a glass of wine…

donut6.jpg Spicy truffle fries on the Pinch Fork!

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