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WeTransfer- 05.25.11

wetransfer1.jpg I have a mesmerizing user experience crush on WeTransfer right now. If i’m going to have to wait for ages to download files ~ it might as well be fun. There is an awesomely playful and elegant experience when i land on WeTransfer, and i actually love watching it download and excitedly await the next AD coming up… in full screen mode behind the little download progress card. It’s just gorgeous. A breath of fresh air versus the ones that have the pop ups and the speedier download if you sign up and pay, etc ones with creepy text ads trying to hide themselves as useful calls to action, and the actual download link is hidden looking like a tiny google adsense text link.

Deep breath ~ enter, WeTransfer. Dear PR people, designers, and anyone else who uses third party services to send me large files ~ there’s something magically happier about WeTransfer, i’m actually even MORE excited to see your file after going through the transfer process. And it’s just so pretty. and simple. ok, so i’m done gushing now, i just adore elegant, functional, beautiful user experiences! I even watched the ads go by AFTER the file finished downloading so i could take more screenshots to share with you guys on the next page!

p.s. Thanks Nadine Johnson’s office for the HUGE file that took long enough for me to sit here and have my WeTransfer ad filled moment of zen.









Pretty, simple website too - WeTransfer : wetransfer10.jpg

9 Notes

wetransfer got stuck at 59% on my Mac. A friend told me of this service and I thought it would be fantastic. Now I don’t know what gives. Why ?

----- ed 11.05.13 21:33

Trying if for first time. Still waiting for first transfer to finish after 24 hours. Seems to keep restarting. not impressed.

----- Dr. A 04.11.12 08:51

When I recieved a message and a link to download a file with WeTransfer the only thing I received was a blank empty page saying ready in the left hand corner.
You guessed correctly, I never received the file.


----- Me 19.01.12 11:23

It’s a magnificent beast… easy to use, beautiful to look at. I love you, wetransfer.

----- Simon 06.01.12 09:28

I love Wetransfer, had one glitched file upload but that was out of about forty I’ve done with it so far.

----- Richard Roberts 04.08.11 13:45

I’ve tried “We Transfer” three times. It just doesn’t work.

The first time, the service froze 18% into the upload.
The second time, after a three hour upload, a graphic announced a confirmation would be e-mailed shortly. It never came, and the intended recipient recieved nothing.
The third time after a two hour upload session… nothing.

Pretty wallpaper, great idea, but it just doesn’t work.

----- Luna 18.07.11 14:54

meh, haters be hatin’

wetransfer is an awesome service, period.

----- Stu 11.07.11 19:29

Wetransfer would be great if it would actually work. The people I sent my file to said they couldn’t find it, so I tried to download it. Using I.E., the link took me to their website and then sat there for 2 minutes while it tried to “find” the file - I went and found something else to do while it looked for the file. Then I tried it using Firefox - that never worked it - it looked like it was trying to do something, but after 5 minutes of not getting anywhere, I started looking for a different file transfer website - I never even got to see any of their ads.

----- Justin 10.07.11 09:19

This wetransfer or what do you call it is nonsense. Do I have to wait till eternity to get my file downloaded. This is crazy.
Imagine the last one it downloaded is 10MB out of 464MB and it is telling me download complete.

----- Philips 05.07.11 04:47

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