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Knoll Generation Chair Unbox- 06.02.11

generational.jpg I’ve always been terrible at sitting normally in chairs ~ i end up cross legged, legs hanging off the sides sideways, sitting backwards… and sure, i’ve probably flipped a few chairs in my time. Haven’t we all? Well… given that, when presented the opportunity to try the Knoll Generation ~ that claimed to support ANY way of sitting with its tagline “The first chair that lets you sit how you want.” Challenge, accepted! They are even collecting up pics of HOW people are sitting in them at MyGeneration! So in true NOTCOT fashion ~ here’s a big unboxing on the next page ~ and a peek at my favorite details… from the mesh, to the wheels, to the bendable back that screams office-slingshot…


Nice, super simple assembly… knoll2.jpg




Love the way the petal like base of the chair resemble the leaf patterns of the plants in the courtyard… knoll6.jpg

Done! knoll7.jpg


Subtle logo along the back… knoll9.jpg

There really is something beautiful about the way the light peeks through the leyers of rubbery meshiness… knoll10.jpg


It feels practically flip resistant with this hefty base ~ and i love chairs that let you slide the seat forwards leaving more surface area to sit cross legged on… knoll12.jpg

The wheels look almost sausage like with their horizontal cylindrical shape… knoll13.jpg



See how bendy that back section is? It’s hard not to walk by and poke at it… and imagine how many pencils etc could be slipped into that grid… pull back… launch? Office warfare taken to a whole new extreme perhaps? But that’s an experiment for another day… generational1.jpg

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Man, that’s a gorgeous piece of chair! Why do I feel like I have to win the Lottery every time I price these things though? Maybe if I unload a kidney on the grey market.

----- The Slapster 02.06.11 17:16

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